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Report of the meeting of Classis West held on March 3, 1971 at Doon, Iowa 

Rev. Richard Moore gave the opening devotions. After prayer, he read from Matthew 24 and addressed the Classis from verse 42: “Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.” 

Seven ministers and thirteen elders represented the twelve churches of Classis West. Rev. B. Woudenberg presided over the Classis. Classis extended a warm welcome to Rev. J. Kortering, who is again in the fellowship of Classis West. 

Two permanent committees, the Reading Sermon Committee and the Taped Sermon Committee, gave reports. The Reading Sermon Committee has a library of written sermons designed especially for use in reading services in the churches. The secretary of this committee is Mrs. Gerhart Broekhouse, Box 393, 341 Maple St. W., Edgerton, Minn. 56128. The Taped Sermon Committee has a library of taped sermons, also for use in the worship services of the churches in the absence of a minister. Included in the report of this committee was the following advice to those who borrow the tapes: “The consistories should be reminded to make requests in plenty of time, if possible, as this means a difference of either 6 cents postage or approximately $1.00 postage. Also, requests should not be included in tapes returned as I do not always open these tapes immediately upon receiving them.” The secretary of this committee is Mr. John Flikkema, 2339 184th St., Lansing, Illinois 60438. 

The Church Visitors, Rev. C. Hanko and Rev. G. Lanting, gave a report of their work. This detailed report gave evidence of the good hand of God upon the churches. 

The consistory of the Oak Lawn congregation informed the Classis “of a decision made by the Congregation of Oak Lawn at a Congregational meeting held the evening of 10 February 1971. At this meeting the Congregation decided, by a unanimous decision; to disband as a Congregation effective August of 1971 or sooner depending upon the sale of the property.” 

The consistory of Pella presented a fine overture to the Classis: “The Pella Consistory overtures Classis West to adopt the following statement in respect to the signing of the Formula of Subscription by a candidate-elect who has passed his classical examinations: ‘That Classis declare that the signing of the Formula of Subscription by a candidate for the ministry take place in an official manner, i.e., while Classis is in session and after the Formula has been read aloud in the presence of the candidate.’Grounds: 1. In the past the Formula has been signed in obscurity, during recess, without the delegates as witnesses. 2. A promise of this magnitude, which has tremendous significance for the candidate’s ministry and welfare of our churches, ought not be treated lightly. 3. In days when the necessity of this Formula is being called into question and the promise is made with unspoken reservations, we ought to stress its importance by having each candidate give his assent publicly and in official session. 4. That a candidate agrees to the Formula is a matter of joy to the Classis, and therefore should be duly recognized. We also suggest: (1) This signing take place after the candidate has been informed of his successful passing of the examinations, and prior to the singing of the customary doxology and offering of congratulations. (2) Classis inform Classis East of this decision, and suggest they concur in this practice, that our churches have a uniform policy on this matter.” This overture was adopted.

A classical appointment schedule was set up for Doon, Forbes, and Randolph. Doon: March 14, 21—J. Kortering; April 4, 18—G. Lanting; May 9, 16—D. Engelsma; Sept. 5—B. Woudenberg. Forbes: March 7—B. Woudenberg; March 28, April 4—R. Moore; April 25—R. Moore; May 2—J. Kortering; May 23, 30—D. Kuiper; Sept. 5—C. Hanko. Randolph: March 21, 28—R. Decker; April 18—R. Decker; May 2—D. Kuiper; May 16, 23—G. Lanting; Sept. 5—D. Kuiper. These churches hope to have seminarians in their pulpits during the summer.

Requests for subsidy of Pella, Lynden, Edgerton, Isabel, Loveland, Forbes, and Randolph were granted.

Classis voted for various functionaries, with the following results:

1)Classical Committee of Classis West—Rev. Jay Kortering (3 years) and Elder Tim Kooima (1 year).

2)Delegates ad examina—Rev. George Lanting (Primus) and Rev. Bernard Woudenberg (Secundus) for 3 year terms.

3)Church Visitors—Rev. Cornelius Hanko and Rev. George Lanting.

4)Delegates to Synod:


Primi: Robert Decker, David Engelsma, Jay Kortering, Dale Kuiper

Secundi: Cornelius Hanko, George Lanting, Richard Moore, Bernard Woudenberg


Primi: Gilbert Griess (Loveland), George Hoekstra (Hull), Larry Huisken (Redlands), Ephriam Reichert (Isabel)

Secundi: Art Brands (Edgerton), Allen Hendriks (Edgerton), Bernie Menninga (Pella), Cornelius VanSoelen (Pella)

Classis accepted the invitation of Isabel to hold the fall Classis there, on September 1, the Lord willing.

Rev. David Engelsma, Stated Clerk

Classis West