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Report of Classis East July 5 and September 13, 1967 At Hudsonville, Michigan 

Rev. G. VanBaren led in the opening devotions. After Classis was declared properly constituted, the Rev. R.C. Harbach presided while the Rev. VanBaren recorded the minutes. 

The Stated Clerk and the Classical Committee gave their reports. Requests for pulpit supply were received from Holland, and from Classis West for South Holland, Randolph, and Hull. A committee of Rev. G. Lubbers, J. King and H. Ophoff prepared the following schedule which Classis adopted: 

Holland: Aug. 6—H. Veldman Aug. 13—M. Schipper Aug. 20—J. Kortering. 

South Holland: July 23—H. Veldman July 30—M. Schipper Aug. 13—G. VanBaren Aug. 20—G. Lubbers Sept. 10—R.C. Harbach Sept. 24—M. Schipper Oct. 1—G. Lubbers Oct. 8—J. Kortering. 

Randolph: July 16—G. Lubbers Aug. 6—R.C. Harbach Aug: 13—H. Veldman Aug. 20—G. VanBaren Aug. 27—M. Schipper Sept. 17—G. Lubbers Oct. 1—R.C. Harbach Oct. 8—H. Veldman. 

Hull: July 23, 30—J. Kortering Sept. 10, 17—G. VanBaren. 

The Church Visitors, the Revs. H. Veldman and M. Schipper, tendered their report of the annual church visitation which Classis filed for information. 

Letters from the Stated Clerk of Synod relative to decisions of Synod pertinent to Classis East were read and filed for information. 

Mr. D. Langeland and Mr. O. Vander Woude served as finance committee for this session of Classis. 

Classis in executive session treated requests for the increase of censure of several members of one of our churches, and the erasure of a baptized member of another of our churches. 

Mr. R. Lubbers and Mr. H. Ophoff were appointed to thank the ladies of Hudsonville for their excellent catering services.

Classis decided to meet next time the first Wednesday in October in Holland. 

The Questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked and answered satisfactorily. 

The Chairman expressed appreciation for the cooperation he received through these long sessions in which Classis met. 

Rev. M. Schipper led the Classis in the closing prayer of thanksgiving. 

—M. Schipper, Stated Clerk