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January 7, 1970 At Southeast Church

Rev. J.A. Heys, who presided over the October, 1969 Classis, led in the opening devotions.

All the churches of Classis East were represented by two delegates each.

After the Classis was declared properly constituted, the Rev. J. Kortering presided, while Rev. Heys recorded the minutes.

The brethren R. Teitsma and J. Boone served on the Finance Committee, and brother P. Knott was appointed to thank the ladies of Southeast Church for their excellent catering. Classis West, and the Churches of Southwest and Holland requested pulpit supply. The committee of Revs. Van Baren and Harbach and elder D. Dykstra prepared the following schedule which Classis adopted:

RANDOLPH—Feb. 1—VanBaren Feb. 15—Kortering March 15—Kortering Mar. 22—Veldman Apr. 5—Harbach. SOUTHWEST—Jan. 18—Harbach Jan. 25—Kortering Feb. 1—Schipper. HOLLAND—Feb. 1—Harbach Feb. 15—Veldman Feb. 22—Schipper March 1—Harbach March 15—Schipper Mar. 22—VanBaren Apr. 5—Schipper.

The Consistory of South Holland expressed in a letter its gratitude for the help of Classis East during their long vacancy.

The Consistory of Isabel inquired of Classis East re taking of collections in our churches. A protestant who came to the July and October Classes with documents notified Classis of his appeal to Synod.

Prof. H.C. Hoeksema who visited Classis was given an advisory vote.

Subsidy requests from Holland and Kalamazoo are being sent on to Synod with Classis’ approval.

A Consistory requested the increase of censure of one of the members of its church which Classis granted.

Classis voted for synodical delegates as follows: MINISTERS: PRIMI: Kortering, Schipper, Van Baren, Veldman. SECUNDI: Harbach, Heys, Lubbers. ELDERS: PRIMI: T. Engelsma, D. Langeland, H. Meulenberg, R. Teitsma. SECUNDI: D. Dykstra, J.M. Faber, D. Kooienga, J.H. Kortering. Revs. Schipper and Harbach were re-elected Delegates ad examina, primus and secundus, respectively.

The questions of Art. 41 of the Church Order were asked of each consistory and answered satisfactorily.

Classis decided to meet next time, D.V., April 1, 1770 in Hudsonville.

Rev. Kortering expressed his appreciation of Classis’ cooperation during this meeting. Rev. H. Veldman offered the closing prayer of thanksgiving.

—M. Schipper, S.C.