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October 2, 1968 at Hope Church 

Rev. M. Schipper presided over the opening devotions. After the credentials were read and accepted, he pronounced the Classis properly constituted. All the churches were represented by two delegates each. 

Rev. G.C Lubbers then took the chair, while Rev. Schipper recorded the minutes. This was a delightfully brief meeting of Classis, our work being finished by 11:45 A.M. in time to enjoy a deliciously prepared dinner by the ladies of our Hope Church. The routine reports of the Stated Clerk and the Classical Committee were read and filed for information. 

Classis West requested help in supplying their pulpits, and Classis adopted the following schedule for the next six months: 

SOUTH HOLLAND: Oct. 6—R.C. Harbach Oct. 13—G. VanBaren Oct. 20—M. Schipper Oct. 27—G. Lubbers Nov. 3—J. Kortering Nov. 10—R.C. Harbach Nov. 17—M. Schipper Nov. 24—G. VanBaren Dec. 1—J. Kortering Dec. 8—M. Schipper Dec. 15—G. Lubbers Dec. 22—J. Heys Dec. 29—H. Veldman Jan. 5—J. Kortering Jan. 12—G. Lubbers Jan. 19—M. Schipper Jan. 26—G. VanBaren Feb. 2—J. Kortering Feb. 9—G. Lubbers Feb. 16—M. Schipper Feb. 23—G. VanBaren March 2—J. Kortering March 9—G. Lubbers March 16—J. Heys Mar. 23—G. VanBaren Mar. 30—H. Veldman. HULL: Oct. 27 and Nov. 3—J. Heys Jan. 26 and Feb. 2—R.C. Harbach. 

In regard to a request from Classis West that one of their churches be granted the privilege of requesting collections in the churches, of Classis East, Classis decided to inform the Stated Clerk of Classis West that the normal procedure for seeking collections is through the Synod. 

Two letters were read reflecting on past decisions of Classis on which Classis took action accordingly. Classis decided to meet next time on the second Wednesday of January in Southeast Church. 

Questions of Art. 41 of the Church Order were asked and answered satisfactorily. After Classis decided to adjourn, brother T. Engelsma closed the meeting with thanks to God. 

—M. Schipper, S.C.