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REPORT OF CLASSIS EAST October 6, 1965 At Hope Church 

Rev. M. Schipper, who presided over the July Classis, led in the opening devotions, and after the credentials were accepted declared the Classis properly constituted. All the churches were represented by two delegates each. Rev. G. VanBaren, who appeared on Classis for the first time, was welcomed by the chair. Alphabetically it was his turn to preside over this meeting. However, he asked to be excused, and Classis granted his request, with the understanding that he would take his turn at the January meeting.

Rev. H. Veldman then took the chair, while the Rev. M. Schipper recorded the minutes. 

Opportunity was given to those present for the first time to sign the Formula of Subscription. Rev. VanBaren signed. 

The minutes of the July Classis were read and the transcription was approved. The Stated Clerk gave his report re correspondence, and the Classical Committee report was approved. 

The brethren T. Miedema and J.B. Lubbers were appointed to the finance committee for this session of Classis. 

The committee, appointed on the July Classis re the overture of Holland, gave its report. Classis adopted the advice of the committee, namely, to continue our classical meetings without change as to time of meeting. 

Classis West requested supply of their vacant churches. Classis decided to heed this request, and a committee, consisting of the Revs. Lubbers, Harbath, and Elder A. Rau, prepared a schedule which was adopted as follows:

Lynden: Oct. 10, 17, 24—H. Veldman. Isabel—Forbes: Oct. 17, 24, 31—G. Lubbers; Nov. 7, 14, 21—R.C. Harbach; Jan. 9, 16, 23—M. Schipper; Jan. 30, Feb. 6, 13—G. VanBaren. 

Randolph: Oct. 10—G. Lubbers; Oct. 24—G. Lanting; Oct. 31—M. Schipper; Nov. 7—G. VanBaren; Nov. 14—G. Lanting; Nov. 21—G. Vos (or alternate); Dec. 5—G. Lanting; Dec. 12—G. Vos (or alternate); Dec. 19—H. Veldman; Jan. 9—R.C. Harbach; Jan. 16—G. VanBaren; Jan. 23—G. Lanting; Feb. 6— G. Vos (or alternate); Feb. 13—H. Veldman; Feb. 20—G. Lanting; March 6—G. Vos (or alternate). 

A member of First Church presented an appeal to Classis which was treated in executive session. Classis decided to place this material in the hands of a study committee, to adjourn until November 3, when the committee would give its advice. The committee appointed was: the Revs. G. Lanting, R.C. Harbach, the Elders B. Windemuller and G. Pipe, with the Rev. G. Vos as advisor. 

Mr. A. Talsma was appointed to thank the ladies of Hope Church for their excellent catering. 

Elder J.M. Faber thanked the Classis for the classical supply given First Church during their vacancy. 

Classis decided to hold its next regular meeting on Wednesday, January 5, 1966 in Southeast Church. 

Questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked and answered satisfactorily. 

Classis then adjourned until Wednesday, November 3rd, with Rev. G. VanBaren offering the closing prayer.

The continued meeting was opened by the Classis singing Psalter #126 and the Rev. H. Veldman readingPsalm 46 and offering prayer. 

The only change in constituency was the Rev. G. Vos taking the place of Elder J.B. Lubbers’ of Hudsonville. 

The committee appointed in October to serve Classis with advice in the First Church case, gave its report. Classis virtually adopted the advice of the committee which sustained the appeal of the member of First Church. 

The Consistory of Hudsonville requested the approval of Classis in their decision to emeritate Rev. G. Vos. Classis granted this request, and instructed the Stated Clerk to send the decision to the Stated Clerk of Synod for Synod’s approval. Rev. G. Vos was appointed moderator of the church of Hudsonville. The chairman spoke to the Rev. Vos in the name of Classis a word of appreciation for his many years of service, a word of encouragement, and the best wishes of the Classis in his remaining days. 

After the adoption of the minutes, Classis adjourned, with the Rev. G. Vos offering the closing prayer. 

—M. Schipper, Stated Clerk.