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Rev. J.A. Heys led in the opening devotions, and by order of rotation was succeeded by Rev. J. Kortering. 

All the churches were represented by two delegates each. Much of the first part of this session was taken up with routine matters, such as reading of the minutes, reports of the Stated Clerk and Classical Committee, appointment of a finance committee consisting of Elders D. Langeland and R. Teitsma. 

Classis honored a request from Classis West to help in the matter of their pulpit supply. A committee, consisting of Rev. G. VanBaren and Elders D. Meulenberg and P. Cnossen, prepared a schedule which was later adopted as follows: 

South Holland—Apr. 21—R. Harbach Apr. 28—G. Lubbers May 5—J. Kortering May 19—H. Veldman May 26—G. VanBaren June 2—M. Schipper June 9—G. Lubbers June 23—J. Kortering June 30—J. Heys July 7—G. VanBaren July 21—G. Lubbers Aug. 4—J. Heys Aug. 11—H. Veldman Aug. 25—M. Schipper Sept. 1—G. VanBaren Sept. 8—M. Schipper Sept. 15—R Harbach Sept. 22—J. Kortering. 

Hull—Apr. 28, May 5—G. VanBaren June 23, 30, July 7—H. Veldman July 28, Aug. 4—M. Schipper Aug. 18, 25—J. Kortering.

Dakotas—May 5, 12, 19—J. Heys May 26, June 2, 9—R. Harbach. 

The Classical Committee informed Classis that Rev. G. Lubbers was sent to Hull for two Sundays in March. Classis approved this action. 

In closed session Classis read several protests and appeals. A committee of Pre-advice was appointed to study some of the pertinent material which could not be treated in April; and Classis decided to meet again May 22, 1968 to hear and treat the report of the committee. The Study Committee consisted of the Revs; J. Kortering and R Harbach, and Elders H. Lubbers and D. Langeland.

Church Visitors were chosen, namely, Revs. M. Schipper and H. Veldman, with Rev. G. Lubbers as alternate for both. 

Rev. G. Lubbers was chosen to succeed himself on the Classical Committee. 

Mr. T. Elzinga was appointed to thank the ladies of First Church for their excellent catering. 

The Questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked and answered satisfactorily. Classis decided to hold its next regular meeting on Wednesday, July 3, 1968 at Southwest Church. 

On the extended meeting, held May 22nd, some matters of correspondence were called to the attention of Classis by the Stated Clerk and filed for information. 

Holland requested Classis to supply them with pulpit supply while their pastor, subject to approval of Synod, would be laboring in Jamaica. Classis adopted the following additional supply schedule: Holland—June 30—M. Schipper July 7—R. Harbach July 14—J. Kortering July 21—G. VanBaren July 28—H. Veldman. Aug. 1—G. Lubbers. 

In closed session Classis treated a study committee report relative to two documents from one source and one from another. 

Classis adjourned at approximately 4 P.M. on the afternoon of May 22nd. 

—M. Schipper, S.C.