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Classis East met in regular session on October 2, 1974 at the Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church. Each church was, represented by two delegates. Present also to witness and approve the primary business of this session, the examination of Candidate and Pastor-elect of Prospect Park, A. Den Hartog, were the synodical delegates ad examina from Classis West: Rev. D. Engelsma, Rev. J. Kortering, and Rev. G. Laming. Rev. M. Joostens was called for the first time in his ministerial career to chair this session. 

The session was begun with the preliminary matters of the reading of the minutes of the previous session, the signing of the Formula of Subscription by the first-time attendees, the report of the Stated Clerk, the report of the Classical Committee, and the appointment of committees. Part of the report of the Classical Committee was a schedule to be followed for the examination of Mr. den Hartog. The Pastor-elect of Prospect Park began his examination with the preaching of a sermon based upon Philippians 2:12-13under the theme, “An Exhortation to Work Out Our Own Salvation.” This was followed by his being examined in the six dogmatical loci, knowledge of the confessions, knowledge of the Scriptures, controversy, and practical matters. In all this, Candidate den Hartog gave good account of himself. Classis and the delegates ad examina from Classis West unanimously approved the examination and advised Prospect Park to proceed with Pastor-elect den Hartog’s ordination and installation. After the reading and signing of the. Formula of Subscription, pastor-elect den Hartog was presented with his classical diploma: Classis rose to sing the doxology “May the grace of Christ our Savior” and a prayer of thanksgiving was raised by Elder T. Engelsma. 

Two other items of business that were not routine were also considered by the classis. First, was the request by First Church for the approval of the temporary emeritation of Rev. G. Lubbers. Classis did so, but one could not help but note that in Rev. Lubbers’ letter to First Church he expressed a desire to continue to work if God so calls him. Second was The matter of the request from our sister church in Forbes, North Dakota for permission to contact the churches in Classis East for financial help to reduce their indebtedness. Classis readily granted approval. 

Kalamazoo requested classical appointments for the next three months. Classis approved this request and adopted the following schedule: October 13—H. Veldman; October 20—M. Schipper; October 27—R. VanOverloop; November 3—M. Joostens; November 10—J. A, Heys; November 17—G., VanBaren; November 24—C. Hanko; December 1—H. Veldman; December 8—M. Schipper; December 15—R. Van Overloop; December 22—M. Joostens; December 29—J. A. Heys; January 5—A. den Hartog; January 12—G. VanBaren. 

The Finance Committee, constituted of Elders T. Engelsma and D. Dykstra, reported, and classis approved, expenses of $690.42. 

The church visitors had no final report. Prospect Park must still be visited. The question was raised again whether Prospect Park’s visitation could be carried out at the time of classis to save traveling expenses. Classis, however, as in the July meeting, rejected this idea. The feeling of the classis was that by traveling to Prospect Park, the church visitors could visit with the entire congregation and thus could encourage and strengthen them all.

After the questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were asked and satisfactorily answered, Rev. C. Hanko offered the closing prayer. Classis East stands adjourned until January 8, 1975 which meeting will be held in First Church. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Jon Huisken 

Stated Clerk 

Classis East