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Classis began its October session with devotions by Rev. J. Heys, chairman of the July session, and after the credentials were read and received was duly constituted.

The reports of the Stated Clerk, the Classical Committee, and the Deputies ad Examina were received. Classis was informed through these reports of the receipt of the ministerial credentials of Rev. C. Hanko, who soon will be laboring in our Hudsonville congregation, and of the successful classical examination and subsequent ordination of Candidate Rodney Miersma, who from here on in will be known as the Rev. Rodney Miersma. 

The Finance Committee constituted of Elders J. Buiter and J. Dykstra, Jr. reported expenses of $16.40. The Classical Appointment Committee adopted the following schedule for Hope Church: Oct. 17—H. Veldman; Oct. 31—M. Schipper; Nov. 21—G. VanBaren; Dec. 5—R. Harbach; Dec. 19—J. Heys; Jan. 2—C. Hanko. 

A protest against the site of the proposed Theological School building was submitted by a local consistory but was tabled because technically the time for protesting this synodical decision is past. The consistory was advised to submit an overture to our January session. Classis was once again requested to approve the erasure of a baptized member. After determining that the consistory had labored diligently with the individual, the consent of classis was gained. 

A special note of thanks was expressed to the classis by the Hudsonville delegation for the services given by classis during their vacancy. 

The questions of Article 41 of the Church Order were answered satisfactorily and classis was adjourned. Classis will meet again on January 5, 1972 at Southeast Church. 

Jon Huisken 

Stated Clerk, Classis East