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Report of Classis East, Convened April 9, 1947 at Grand Rapids, Michigan

This meeting of Classis was held April 9, 1947 at Fuller Ave. The opening exercises were conducted by Rev. J. De Jong, who presided at the last meeting of Classis. Psalter No. 374 was sung, after which Rev. De Jong read Psalm 135 and led in prayer.

The credentials were read showing that all the churches were represented at Classis. After the credentials were accepted Classis was declared constituted. Rev. S. Cammenga was then called upon to preside while Rev. J. De Jong took down the minutes.

Three elders who were present at Classis for the first time signed the Formula of Subscription.

The stated clerk read the minutes of the previous meeting of Classis. These minutes were approved as read.

The Church Visitors had not yet finished their work, so the committee was continued. They will report at the next meeting of Classis.

A communication of Kalamazoo’s consistory was read in which they thanked the Classis for the financial assistance they had received in the past. They also informed the Classis that they are no longer in need of financial assistance. Classis decided to send this notification through to Synod.

The following overture from the same consistory was brought to Classis:

  1. To advise our Synod to appoint Rev. H. Hoeksema as full time professor at our Theological School.
  2. To advise our Synod to grant Rev. H. Hoeksema one year’s leave of absence from our Theological School.

Classis decided to bring this overture to Synod.

Classis further decided to notify our Theological School committee of our decision in this matter.

Grand Haven came with the request for Classical appointments for the next three months. The following brethren were appointed to draw up a schedule for classical appointments. Rev. B. Kok, Elder Wm. Wierenga and Rev. M. Schipper.

Later in the day the committee presented the following schedule, which was adopted by Classis:

April 20 Rev. H. De Wolf, April 27 Rev. J. De Jong, May 4 Rev. R. Veldman, May 11 Rev. M. Schipper, May 18 Rev. W. Hofman, June 1 Rev. M. Gritters, June 8 Rev. B. Kok, June 15 Rev. H. Veldman, June 22 Rev. S. Cammenga, June 29 Rev. J. Keys, July 6 Rev. G. Lubbers.

An instruction from Grand Haven is read asking that Classis afford opportunity for its delegates to express themselves on:

  1. The necessity of continuing relief shipments to Christians in the Netherlands.
  2. The necessity of favoring Christians in Germany relief.

The decision of the Classis was to advise the consistories to continue sending relief to the Christian in the Netherlands.

There was also a letter from Creston’s consistory thanking Classis for financial aid received by them in the past and informing the Classis that further financial aid would no longer be necessary.

Classis also decided to send this information through to Synod.

The consistories of Oak Lawn, Holland and Randolph sent instructions to Classis in re three classical meetings instead of four each year. A motion to do so failed to carry.

Classis decided to recess until 1:30.

Elder R. Bouwman closed the morning session with thanks to God.

The afternoon session was begun with the singing of Psalter No. 345. Rev. G. Lubbers then leads in prayer.

An instruction from Holland was received and adopted: to instruct the Synodical Stated Clerk to inform the various churches in itemized form, of the adopted Synodical assessments, soon after each meeting of Synod.

The requests for Subsidies were as follows: Oak Lawn $1200.00; Grand Haven $1000.00 with and $500.00 without a pastor; and Randolph $1300.00. Classis recommends to Synod the granting of these requests.

Classis elected the following deputaten ad examina subject to the approval of Synod:

Primi: Rev. M. Gritters, Rev. J. A. Heys, Rev. W. Hofman

Secundi: Rev. G. Lubbers, Rev. M. Schipper, Rev. R. Veldman

Rev. M. Gritters was appointed to thank the ladies for their catering services.

The next meeting of Classis will be held in Hudsonville, Wednesday, July 9.

The questions of Art. 41 of the Church Order were satisfactorily answered by the consistories.

The minutes were read and approved. After a motion to adjourn Rev. M. Schipper closes with thanks to God.

D. JONKER, Stated Clerk.