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Classis East of the Protestant Reformed Churches met in the First Church on Wednesday, July 14, 1948.

The opening exercises were conducted by the Rev. J. A. Heys in the usual manner.

The credentials were then read and received showing that all the churches were represented.

According to rotation Rev. M. Schipper is called upon to preside. He speaks a few words of welcome, and gives opportunity to the delegates who are present for the first time, to sign the Formula of Subscription.

The minutes of the last Classical meeting are read and accepted.

Advisory vote was given to Revs. E. Knott, D. Jonker and G. M. Ophoff.

The following Classical appointments were given to Randolph, Wisconsin.

July 18, Rev. G. Vos

July 25, Rev. M. Gritters

August 1, Rev. B. Kok

August 8, Rev. J. De Jong

August 15, Rev. S. Cammenga

August 22, Rev. H. Veldman

August 29, Rev. G. Vanden Berg

Sept. 5, Rev. J. A. Heys

Sept. 12, Rev. C. Hanko

Sept. 19, Rev. R. Veldman

Sept. 26, Rev. H. De Wolf

October 3, Rev. M. Schipper

October 10, Rev. G. Vos

The report of the Church Visitors was given by Rev. B. Kok. The report brought out that on the whole the Churches are flourishing. There is growth; church edifices are being built or enlarged, as for example, Fourth Church in Grand Rapids, Hope, Kalamazoo and Grand Haven.

Randolph asks for advice in regard to their financial situation due to the illness of their pastor. Classis advises Randolph to ask for financial aid from the other congregations of Classis East if she feels she cannot meet her expenses.

The instruction from Kalamazoo failed to carry: n.l., to instruct the stated clerk to gather the names and addresses of the secretaries and treasurers of our various churches at the first meeting of Classis in the year and to publish them in his report.

It was brought out that these names are not available at that meeting of Classis.

A consistory asks for advice in regard to proceeding with the second step of censure. After the consistory gives the necessary information in this case, Classis advises them to proceed with the second step of censure.

Classis appointed Rev. G. Vos and Rev. R. Veldman to visit Rev. G. Lubbers to extend our sympathy to him and to assure him of our prayers in his behalf.

The questions of Art. 41 of the Church Order were read and answered satisfactorily by the delegates.

Mr. J. H. Kortering was appointed to thank the ladies for their catering services.

Classis decided to meet again in the First Church on October 6.

The minutes were read and approved. A motion to adjourn carries; and Rev. G. Vos closes with thanks unto God.

D. JONKER, Stated Clerk