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In Session April 6, 1949 at Hope Church

Rev. H. Veldman calls the meeting to order. After the opening exercises the credentials are received and Classis is declared constituted. According to rotation Rev. R. Veldman presides and Rev. H. Veldman officiates as clerk.

The minutes of the preceding classical meeting are read and approved.

Oak Lawn asks for classical appointments. The chair appoints the following committee to draw up a schedule for classical appointments: The Revs. J. Blankespoor, C. Hanko and Elder P. Ipema.

Later in the day they present the following schedule, which is adopted by classis:

April 10, Rev. J. A. Heys April 17, H. C. Hoeksema April 24, Rev. H. Hoeksema May 1, Rev. G. Vanden Berg May 8, Rev. J. D. De Jong May 15, Rev. J. Blankespoor May 22, Rev. R. Veldman May 29, Rev. B. Kok June 5, Rev. C. Hanko June 12, Rev. G. Vos June 19, Rev. H. De Wolf June 26, Rev. H. Veldman July 3, Rev. G. Lubbers July 10, Rev. J. A. Heys

Oak Lawn asks for advice in regard to financial aid in connection with the moving of a minister from a great distance. Classis assures Oak Lawn that financial aid will be given if such an emergency should arrive.

Advisory vote is given to the Revs. A.

An appeal to Synod by the consistory of the First Church is read, dealing with Classis East’s support of Rev. G. M. Ophoff’s protest against said consistory. This document is received for information.

Classis decides to appoint a committee to draw up an answer to this document and to advise classis in this matter. The answer that was drawn up by this committee was adopted by classis and will be sent through to Synod together with all the other documents relative this question.

The consistory of Randolph advises classis to overture Synod to consider ways and means of establishing our own Normal Training School to train prospective teachers to teach in our own Christian schools.

Classis decides to send this instruction through to Synod without our recommendation.

Rev. G. Lubbers, who had been appointed to thank the ladies of our Hope Church for their catering services gives his report, which was received by classis.

The following brethren were elected as Church Visitors:

Primi: Rev. B. Kok and Rev. G. Vos.

Secundus: Rev. R. Veldman.

Rev. J. A. Heys is re-elected as member of the Classical Committee.

The next meeting of Classis will be held at the First Church of Grand Rapids, the first Wednesday in July.