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Classis East met in regular session on July 6, 1977 at Southwest Church. Covenant Church, Wyckoff, New Jersey, was the only delegation absent and that due to the recent birth of a child to the Rev. den Hartogs. Rev. VanOverloop chaired, this session of classis. 

As is typical of a July meeting of classis, the meeting time was short and much of the business was routine. One agenda item of this meeting, however, did have particular significance for the churches: the request of Hudsonville for the approval of the emeritation of their minister, Rev. C. Hanko. The request was approved. The chairman spoke for the classis when he thanked God for all the work which He has done through this servant of His and when he thanked Rev. Hanko personally for his work in the churches. Rev. Hanko’s future plans are yet indefinite although it appears that he is not taking to the easy chair. The seminary has requested him to teach Dutch and he has been asked to spend some time in New Zealand. 

In other business, the church visitors presented their report. The contents of that report can best be summarized by quoting directly: “We found in our visits that all the churches are experiencing the blessing of God in the form of peace, spiritual growth, steadfastness in the truth, and faithfulness on the part of the officebearers.” 

The normal business of the classis was also conducted. The Classical Committee and Stated Clerk reported; the Finance Committee was constituted and reported expenses of $4.00.” 

Kalamazoo requested that classis meet three times a year. Classis instructed Kalamazoo to come via overture if they wish this matter to be considered. 

Rev. VanOverloop closed the session with prayer and classis stood adjourned until October 5, 1977 at Faith Church. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Jon J. Huisken, 

Stated Clerk