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Alighting from our car after an enjoyable trip from Grand Rapids, we found Oak Lawn Church decorated with a banner announcing “The Third Annual Convention of the Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies”. We were not the first to arrive, for on the steps and on the walks we saw groups of conventioneers who had arrived earlier. Inside the Church we found our hosts busy typing inserts for badges. Being a visitor, I received a gold ribbon badge with gilt letter­ing, delegates received green ones. These badges proved to be very useful as well as ornamental; upon desiring to introduce someone, if I found the name had completely escaped me, a glance at the badge readily supplied it. A souvenir booklet came next, with pic­tures of our host society, Federation President and speakers.

Glancing through the booklet, I found three pages entitled “Autographs”. Here was an opportunity to become acquainted, so after purchasing a ticket for the banquet and tour, I joined the group out in the sun­shine who were already busily engaged in exchanging autographs.

Eleven o’clock found us back in the Church, as­sembled for the morning session, followed by noon lunch and the afternoon business session. I was im­pressed by the precision and businesslike manner of this session and the excellent, impartial support given by the advisors. Roll call showed a fine representation of all but a few of our Churches.

Now it was Thursday evening and time for us to find our various lodgings. Certainly Oak Lawn’s people cannot be accused of being cold. We found their hospitality unlimited and were even chauffeured back to the Lutheran Church, a beautiful, new gray stone structure not far from Oak Lawn Church where we attended the inspirational meeting. As we were ushered in the strains of our Convention theme song “Lead On, O King Eternal,” was sounding from the organ. The speaker of the evening impressed upon us the necessity of being “thoroughly equipped” with the truth. We were certainly inspired as the speaker out­lined for us with bold strokes, the plan of action in our Christian warfare.

Next morning at 9 o’clock we were ready to board the three busses waiting to take us on a tour of the City. At our first stop, the Museum of Science and Industry, we especially enjoyed the auditory exhibit and whispering gallery. Along the outer drive we viewed Chicago’s skyline. The Municipal Airport was our last stop before returning to the church for lunch, and the afternoon session.

Here we enjoyed two speeches, entitled “Defending the Truth” and “Our Christian Isolation”. The ques­tions and discussion that followed these speeches proved the ability of our young people to think for themselves on matters of the Protestant Reformed truth.

That evening the banquet was the crowning event of the two days’ activities of the two days’ activities. About 175 attended it, and the program that followed in the Lutheran Church parlors. We were addressed on the subject “Watchful Confidence in our Peculiar Times.” The debate topic “Resolved that Principle is the Only Possible Reason for Affiliating with any Denomination” served the pur­pose of presenting both sides of a question with which we as young people are often confronted.

Outside, after the banquet, we said farewell to the new- friends we had made. The Convention was over, but the impressions left will be lasting. We became better acquainted with those of our ministers who were present. Our enthusiasm for the Protestant Reformed Truth had been aroused while we were made happy by the thought that we had been drawn closer to­gether with one aim in view, to become “Thoroughly Equipped.”