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The report in the Grand Rapids Press of the Protestant Reformed Churches’ celebration of their 75th anniversary began like this:

They don’t sing flashy songs during their services and they pride themselves on being traditional and orderly. But that doesn’t mean members of the Protestant Reformed Church don’t know how to celebrate.

Solomon would have said, “They laughed, and they danced.”

The theme of the four-night, three-day celebration was “Living Out of Our Heritage,” based on Psalm 16:5, 6.

Between 2,000 and 2,500 people thronged the auditorium for the evening meetings. We sang (mostly the Psalms), heard the Word, enjoyed some special musical numbers, and had sweet fellowship.

Leaving the auditorium after the first evening meeting, someone (mightily moved) was overheard to say, “I would not miss this for the world.” He spoke for us all.

For the benefit of those who could not attend, for the sake of posterity, and to bring back good memories to those who were there, we devote this issue of the Standard Bearer to the celebration.

Included are the text of the four speeches (somewhat abridged); an article giving the impressions of the celebration of one of those who attended (MaryBeth Lubbers); pictures (by Don Doezema); and a review of one of the books written in observation of the anniversary (For Thy Truth’s Sake, by Prof. Herman Hanko).

The Lord is our inheritance. The lines have fallen to us in pleasant places. Truly, our heritage is beautiful to us.