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Prof. Engelsma’s review of Henry J. Kuiper: Shaping the Christian Reformed Church, by James A. DeJong (July 2009 Standard Bearer) took me back to my earlier days of ministry. Soon after I joined the faculty of Unity Christian High School (1956) in Hudsonville, Michigan as teacher of Bible and Reformed Doctrine, I came to know Henry J. Kuiper personally. We were members of what was then called The Reformed Fellowship, a circle of scholars whose serious discussion of theological and social issues—particularly hot-button issues within the Christian Reformed Church—helped strengthen my commitment to the essential tenets of the Reformed faith.

Whatever Kuiper’s views of common grace may have been, he certainly impressed me as a stalwart warrior in the cause of Christ. The book review’s mention of Torch and Trumpet magazine also recalled the articles I was privileged to contribute toT & T, in which I refuted certain views of Henry Stob, then a professor at Calvin Theological Seminary.

Henry Kuiper—and his brother R.B. Kuiper—were among the church’s worthies.

Joseph Hill

Beaver, Pennsylvania