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We are happy to report that “When I Survey. . . . “ is finally on the market. This, you will recall, is the Lenten anthology which includes all six of the pre previously published, but now out of print, Lenten works of the late Herman Hoeksema. This marks another important milestone in one of the projects of our Publications Committee, namely, to publish and make available to the Reformed community as many as possible of the writings, both previously published and yet unpublished, of Rev. Hoeksema. 

Our hard-working Business Manager asked me to inform all those who took advantage of our prepublication sale of this book that he is delivering and getting your copies into the mail as fast as he possibly can. If you ordered a copy, you may expect it in the very near future. In fact, by the time this appears in print most of you should have your copies. 

By the way, if you did not order a copy at the pre-publication sale price, you can, of course, get a copy. Only you will now have to pay the full price of $9.95 plus 45¢ postage. Considering that this is six good books in one, that’s still a bargain! Order your copy promptly from: Reformed Free Publishing Association, P.O. Box 2006, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501. Wouldn’t this book make a dandy Christmas present for someone? 

We remind you, too, to order your copy of Gertrude Hoeksema’s new Bible teachers’ manual, Suffer Little Children, Book One. In case you couldn’t decipher our ad because of the printing mistake in it, this manual covers the first half of Old Testament history. You can get this helpful manual for $8.95 plus 45¢ postage. 

More news! 

Suffer Little Children, Book Two, which will cover the second half of Old Testament history and which is designed especially for teachers of Grade 2 children, will be off the press in the very near future. There will be a companion pupil workbook with this volume. The teachers’ manual will cost $5.95, and the workbook will cost $2.00. The combination of manual and workbook will sell for $6.95. How’s that for an attractive deal! Get your order in now, and be sure to include 45¢ for postage. Same address as above. 

One more item. But that’s a secret yet. Watch these columns and also your mail for some really big publication news. From whom? Who else but Reformed Free Publishing Association?