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“Behold, He Cometh!” 

The very title tells you immediately that in his thorough-going exposition of the Book of Revelation the late Rev. Herman Hoeksema discerned the key-note of this part of Scripture. And this key-note of Revelation his sounded again and again in the course of the exposition which runs through some 53 chapters and 725 pages. In my editorial work of preparing this book for publication the thought struck me repeatedly that this exposition is so “relevant” in the healthy sense of that misused term that it seems as though it could have been written with today’s situation in mind. 

In the above paragraph you have the two main reasons, in my opinion, why you will want to read “Behold, He Cometh!” It is expository, and it is up-to-date for today’s Christian and today’s church. 

Add to this the fact that there is hardly available a good commentary on the Book of Revelation, and much less a commentary written from an “amillennial” viewpoint. And you have sufficient reasons for purchase. 

When and where can you buy this book? 

The Publications Committee has decided to conduct a pre-publication sale. In the next issue of the Standard Bearer you will be provided with a return envelope by means of which you may place your order. The book should come from the press in early spring, about April 1. Before actual publication you will be able to buy this book for $7.95 postpaid. The regular price will be $9.95. A real bargain! 

By taking advantage of this bargain you can kill two birds with one stone. For by means of this prepublication sale the Publications Committee wants to raise the balance of the money needed to meet costs of publication. 

For your information, this book is written in popular style. You will not be troubled by any foreign languages in it. Nor is this an ordinary, verse-by-verse commentary. The chapters of this book are essays on large sections of the Book of Revelation, rather than running, verse-by-verse commentary. This makes for easy and interesting reading. 

Hence, watch the next issue of the Standard Bearer for your order envelope. 

We will keep you posted on further developments.