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With this, the October 1, 1995 issue begins volume 72 of the Standard Bearer.

The main changes from the preceding volume-year are the following, as decided by the present writers at the annual staff meeting in June.

Rev. Gise VanBaren is the new editor of “All Around Us,” a column he has written before. He replaces Prof. Robert Decker, who has decided to write for the rubric, “Ministering to the Saints.” This is the area of Prof. Decker’s primary teaching at the Protestant Reformed Seminary.

Rev. Ron VanOverloop will co-edit two rubrics, “The Strength of Youth” with Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma and When Thou Sittest in Thine House” with Mrs. Marybeth Lubbers.

Missionaries Ron Hanko (Northern Ireland) and Tom Miersma (Alamosa, Colorado) and minister-on- loan (to the Evangelical Reformed Churches of Singapore) Jason Kortering will cooperate in writing the missions column, “Go Ye into All the World.”

“Taking Heed to the Doctrine” will be the responsibility of Rev. Steve Key. Rev. Key intends to set forth the Reformed faith following the order of the six loci, or main topics, of Reformed dogmatics.

A new rubric will be “Contending for the Faith.” Rev. Bernard Woudenberg will be the writer.

The other rubrics and writers will be continued, except for “Come, Lord Jesus” which has been dropped.

Several ministers, active and retired, will write the meditations. We plan to reprint some meditations that appeared in early issues of the SB.

Societies and other Bible study classes should keep in mind that the SB will continue to publish study guides by Rev. Carl Haak on the gospel according to John.

The staff reappointed the present editor (Prof. Engelsma), managing editor (Don Doezema), staff secretary (Prof. Decker), general adjunct (Prof. Hanko), and special issues committee (Prof. Engelsma, Prof. Decker, and Don Doezema).

The next issue of the SB will be our special Reformation Day issue. The theme will be “The Reformation of 1924.” This will explore the history of and the issues involved in the founding of the Protestant Reformed Churches.

May our writers have the grace to write (on time!); may our readers have the zeal to read; and may the Lord God add His blessing.

Let the testimony continue and, may it please God, increase: “God is God!”