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It is being said that the way in which I got hold of Prof. Holwerda’s letter is fraudulent and very base; and further that I am guilty of evil-speaking in the home of the brother—Mr. Koster of Chatham—who gave me the letter. But that is not true. Let us hear Rev. H. Hoeksema on the matter:

“I know positively that all this is a downright lie. For on Thursday, Sept. 8, the Rev. Ophoff, accompanied by two witnesses of which I was one, visited Mr. Koster, and of our conversation I briefly report the following:

1. His dealing with the Rev. Ophoff and the latter’s dealings with him were strictly honest and above board.

  1. There was absolutely no fraud in connection with the Rev. Ophoff’s obtaining of the letter.
  2. Of his own free will Mr. Koster gave the Rev. Ophoff the letter, wanted him to have it. When the Rev. Ophoff could not read it, Mr. Koster read it to him, offered him the original letter, and finally gave him a copy of which Rev. Ophoff made a copy.
  3. Although the Rev. Ophoff had first agreed not to publish the letter, Mr. Koster had no objections to its publication at all. Repeatedly he stated that there must be no secrecy in matters pertaining to the church, and that it was a good thing the letter was published.
  4. Emphatically he denied that the Rev. Ophoff ever made himself guilty of evil-speaking or of discussing persons at all.

H. Hoeksema

Such is Rev. Hoeksema’s testimony.

—G. M. Ophoff