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A pamphlet by the European Christian Mission asks me that question.

It tells me that 400,000,000 people in Europe are still unevangelized. Two hundred million who profess no religion whatever, found chiefly in such countries as Russia, France and Spain. In Portugal only one in a thousand is what one could call protestant.

It goes on to state that this Mission wants to send one hundred workers from this country and England, assuring me that even these hundred could make but a very small beginning.

Then it comes straight at me and says, “will you be one of them?”

Apart from the fact that if one shall be a missionary one has to be sent of God and consequently called by the churches, and apart from the designation of Europe as the field for such labor, apart from that all we are reminded of what awful conditions obtain at this late hour on God’s clock.

But I would like to pass on this question to some of you young men. YOU. . . . will YOU be one of them? One of you takes up farming, another becomes a mechanic, another a draftsman. But is there any one among our young men that would desire, would dare to dedicate his life to missionary work?

Our churches are reminding you that we are becoming ready for missionary work on a broader scale. There is a challenge going out to YOU for this type of work. Will we see you in our School some time, preparing for this type of work? Will you perhaps sometime be one of them?


That is the amount of Teacher wanted ads we counted in a recent issue of The Banner.

Where are our teachers going? Where have they gone?

Young man, young lady, with the Summer before you, planning what life’s work you will take up—how about becoming a teacher in one of our Christian Schools? There is not only a great need for teachers, but above all for thoroughly Christian, well prepared and God-centered teachers.

Did you know, moreover, that in one of our churches the parents recently banded together and decided to build a school of their own, but they cannot find a teacher? If they had a teacher I understand they would be ready to start their school, come Fall.

But you didn’t take up teaching.

You could still start. Our Christian schools need you otherwise there would not be these three score want ads, As we acquire schools of our own, we will soon need teachers. . . . need you.

Underpaid, you say!

I know, the junk dealer and the garbage hauler get higher wages as a general rule, than do ministers and teachers, the fact however remains that there must be young men and young women who are ready to forfeit the higher wages in other occupations and devote themselves to this spiritual work.


That’s where the American family life is at present. “American family life has descended to barroom standards and home drinking is five times what it was in 1934”, says a certain Mrs. D. Leigh Colvin, president of the W.C.T.U. 52,000,000 barrels of drink carried home this year. Better, you say, that they drink it at home than in filthy saloons and roadhouses. But that is just the charge which this woman makes, she says that our homes have been converted into veritable saloons and roadhouses. Every house has become a roadhouse and every home a saloon.

This is not true of every home. Certainly our homes, the homes of us as Protestant Reformed, the homes of all Christians show a contrast in opposites to such beer-and-ale homes. At least they should.

Scripture does not forbid the use of wine, we are well aware of that. And beer is one of God’s good creatures, I know.

A young lad of my acquaintance one time purchased a junior chemistry set. He mixed several of God’s good creatures in a test tube and the resultant mixture exploded in his face, destroying one of his eyes. Barbiturates (sleeping pills) are also compounded and chemically assayed from God’s good creatures, but they take many lives. God’s creatures, such as barley, rye, corn, grapes, etc. are certainly good, but when a depraved nature, in a person whose belly is his god, mixes these good creatures and ferments them, and then spikes them, you have a resultant concoction that counts its victims by the millions.

But to get back where our Periscope was periscoping—we have here another lament concerning what family life in this country is. It is sin that does these things. Yes. But sin is nothing apart from God. It is the judgment of God against a sinful and godless generation that does these things. God punishes sin with sin. You despise the Spirit? You would not be full of the Spirit? Then you shall be full of wine. You will not seek your only comfort, in troubles, with God? Seek it then in the mock-comfort of the bottle, and drown in your own lust.

If we are full of the Spirit, and are filling your household with that Spirit, I have no fear that you will fill them with drink. If you are full of the Spirit, your moderation will be known to all men, and the Spirit will be saying to you, “wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging, whoever is deceived thereby is not wise”.


“Education by the method of movies and sightseeing will not add to an individual’s capacity to think, a fraction as much as working out one single difficult problem in arithmetic”. Thus comments a School Magazine.

Side shows, he comments further.

Whether we like it or not, we will all be forced to take a stand in re the increasingly popular practice in some of our Christian schools to show pictures on the school screen. They are mostly nature pictures (is Krazy Kat a nature picture, too?) they are shown rather regularly so that they become part of the curriculum and are in great demand (except with those who already attend the theatres regularly and would like other kinds of ‘nature’).

The writer above quoted tells us that these movies contribute nothing to the individuals capacity to think.

Entertainment therefore.

That is just one of the dangers to which we commit ourselves when we bring movies into the school. Education becomes entertainment. Now it is possible, I imagine, if he be a real good teacher, to combine these two so that the result is wholesome and the mental and spiritual development proper, but it is following the path of least resistance to want to be entertained rather than to be instructed or edified. Witness the difference in the size of the audience when a play is given or when some lecturer comes to speak on Christian instruction. Entertainment is the paramount thing—the capacity to think—why, that’s something else.

GOING, GOING—Sold For Five Dollars!

Ho, everyone!

A sale going on.

The So and So Society of the So and So Church is having a sale in the church basement. Proceeds are for. . . . well just bid high because it’s for a good cause.

That article that sold for five dollars was worth about forty cents, but competition set in, one would not be outdone by the other, so they did what they would never do otherwise, they paid ten times too much for the article. Of course the poorer members could not get along at this high cost of buying. But the sale brought up a lot of money and that is the important thing. . . . that’s why a Ladies Aid exists, isn’t it? Or doesn’t it?

One notices, by and large, that the success of the Society is measured by how much their sale brought up. The purpose of their existence has almost entirely become the raising of moneys. Apart from the fact that Scripture does not assign to ladies the task of raising money for the church, apart from the fact that such public auctions, with competitive bidding, induce careless handling of money, apart from the fact that the sale and everything that stands in connection with it becomes its primary concern; apart from all that stands the fact that the original purpose of the Ladies’ Aid was to sew for the needy or for the busy mothers. The garments were sometimes distributed through the deaconate to local or distant needy. The raising of huge, or less huge, sums of money is a factor which was added to it during the course of history. I fear the addition has something carnal in it, don’t you?