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Our Seminary is under the direct supervision of the Synod and its officially appointed Theological School Committee, which carries out the work in the interim between the annual meetings of Synod. The Theological School Committee is an out-growth of the former Curatorium, which supervised the school in the early days of our existence, before we were organized as a full-fledged. denomination with Classes and Synod. The Curatorium at that time was made up of one delegate from each of our consistories; but the School Committee consists of synodically appointed members elected to three-year terms. At present hit consists of five ministers and five elders (all from the Grand Rapids area). 

The duties of this committee are varied. They include the appointment of delegations of two brethren each to visit the classes, so that the school receives a monthly visit from the committee. The obvious reason for those regular visits is to observe whether the instruction given is in full accord with Scripture and the Three Forms of Unity and in harmony with the constitution of our School. Each of these visits must be reported in written form at the next committee meeting. The Committee must also cooperate with the faculty in case of discipline, and with both faculty and students in case of other difficulties. 

The opening day of school is open house for the whole committee, and one of the minister-delegates gives a word of encouragement to the faculty and students that they may face the year withal1 boldness in the faith that their efforts will be crowned with God’s grace as they are true to the study of the Scriptures and to their quest to be heralds of His Word. 

The Faculty, of our school has embarked on a new venture on a one-year trial basis. The two professors are editing the new Protestant Reformed Theological Journal, which is to appear semi-annually. It will be of some 50 to 60 pages in mimeographed form, and it will be sent free of charge to those asking for it, besides to those on the limited mailing list. The purpose of this magazine is to provide an outlet for our professors to develop the truth in a scientific and objective way. One of the by-products of this effort will be that the church world may know that our seminary is not stagnate, but is scholarly in its approach to the development of the truth of the Scriptures through a studious application to God’s Holy Word. 

The first issue will contain a rather comprehensive examination of the concept “Wisdom” in the eighth chapter of the Book of Proverbs, from the pen of Prof. Hanko. Prof. Hoeksema’s first contribution will be a treatise on “The Scriptural Presentation of God’s Hatred,” in the light of the confusion existing in the Reformed church world regarding the scope of the love of God, which is being proclaimed to be a blanket covering all men. Prof. H. Hanko is acting as editor of this journal. This newest arrival in the field of theological journalism may be found by some of us to be somewhat “heavy” reading because of the scholarly approach; but many of the Bible students among our laity will find it quite readable and beneficial to our understanding of the basic truths which are being caricatured these days until they are being made to teach what they formerly denied! Surely our consistory members will take advantage of this golden opportunity to arm themselves more fully to be leaders in the fight of faith in these last days. 

Our Seminary will be small this year—as small as it can be and still operate. We have only one student this year who will be kept very busy by his two professors. The future of our school is looking brighter, however, than it has for years. The plea going out to our young men is bearing fruit under the gracious guidance of our God. Five young men have pre-enrolled in our school while still in high, school and college. The object of pre-enrolling them is that the Committee may notify the Draft Boards that the designated young man is a divinity student and is now free from the draft according to the laws of the land; This enables the aspirant to concentrate on the completion of the prescribed course of study in the pre-seminary years without the interruption of some years of military duty. And so we may believe that the Lord has heard our prayers for ministers and has moved these young men to make this choice of vocation believing that they have been called to this work. Besides these five, there are as many other younger young men who have expressed their desire to follow the same course when they shall have reached that age. Thus our older ministers may breathe a little easier, knowing that our churches will not lack undershepherds as long as our Lord tarries to come and we are still allowed the freedom of worship. 

The old, outworn political cliché, “As Maine goes so goes the nation,” may well be transposed into the ecclesiastical realm: “As the Seminary goes so goes the denomination.” 

Brethren and sisters of our membership, pray for our school!