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Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies

December 28, 1969

Dear brethren and sisters in the Lord:

The joy we experienced as we received the many letters and greeting cards is difficult to relate to you. Mrs. Lubbers and I experienced the love of the saints in your letters, in the numerous well-wishes and the assurances of being remembered in your prayers. For this all we are profoundly thankful to our covenant God.

We would like so very much to sit down and write each on of you a personal note of thanks, and also on the island of Jamaica. That is, however, physically impossible for us. We are constantly engaged in the work, have a busy schedule, and when the day is ended, there is hardly time nor strength left to sit down and write. So we are asking the Editor of the Standard Bearer to make an exception to the rule and to place this little letter of thanks somewhere in his “bladvulling“.

Christmas was very difficult for us this year. It seemed to us as if it came in August. Of course, that is not so bad. It is better to think of the reality of the coming of the Son of God in the flesh than to think of the “red-nosed Rudolph, the reindeer.” We did not have any church service. However, we drove into the mountains in the afternoon to Porters Mountain and found that Rev. Ruddock had been up at 4 A.M. with his family to sing Christmas carols and to read Luke 2 and Matthew 1. That afternoon we joined the family on their high, rocky hill and sat in their little house. Here we sang with the. Rev. Elliot had conducted a similar service from 4-6 A.M. on Christmas morning in Cambridge. The Friday after Christmas we preached in Shrewsbury. Before the service Rev. Frame led the singing of Christmas carols.

Yesterday we witnessed a heart-warming Sunday School Session. In their ultra simple, yet heart-warming way they were studying the account in Luke 2 concerning the birth of Jesus. That was at Latium. The elder here is a very lovable, firm and kind man. The children were very orderly and obedient. They were told when they could not find an answer to his question to “keep their face in the Bible and they would find the answer in verse 13.”

I do wish you could all have witnessed that Sunday School Class. It was an attentive and quiet audience that listened to the sermon on I Corinthians 1:26-31. Here I was impressed with the thought that God had called and chosen that which is nothing to put to shame that which is something, so that no flesh should glory in His presence; but that he that glorieth might glory in the Lord.

Soon the time is coming that we must make a decision about becoming a missionary here on the Island of Jamaica. There are many matters to consider here. May you remember me in your prayers, that I make a decision which is to the glory of God, and the salvation of God’s people.

May we continue to hear from you all?

Greetings in Christ’s Name to you all and may you experience the blessings of Jehovah in the New Year.

Your brother and sister in the Lord,

Rev. and Mrs. G. Lubbers