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I wish to make a few remarks about Rev. Daniel Kleyn’s article on “Receiving the Preached Word,” in the January 1, 2008 issue of the Standard Bearer. 

I do believe it was a fine article, although I think that a bit more could have been said. There was much said about how we should listen to the Word. That we should be quick to learn and slow to speak is very, very true. But I was wondering why Rev. Kleyn did not say anything about the calling of the pastor to prepare himself, by much study, to bring the Word in such a manner that the saints gathered there have no just cause to criticize. I am well aware of the danger that human pride and arrogance can cloud proper listening to the Word. Pray that we may ever humble ourselves under His mighty hand. But, again, I do believe brother Kleyn might have also admonished his fellow laborers to put forth diligent effort in their difficult work to bring the Word in a manner that is pleasing to the Lord and for the edification of His saints.

Fred Ondersma

Grandville, Michigan