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Dear Brother in Christ:

Should our Covenant Christian High School join in league agreement with public schools in the playing of basketball contests? The answer is “No.”

The argument in favor of such involvement with worldly, secular, socialistic government owned and operated public schools systems is that the Christian in this life does not attempt to avoid contact with ungodly persons in the world. In some instances this is true. Contacts such as purchasing necessities from ungodly people and being employed by them come under a different classification. These contacts in some instances are essential for livelihood in this world. Buying and selling and employment are not sinful in themselves. There are commandments covering these matters.

However, this matter of our Christian High School joining in athletic agreements and contests with public schools is of an altogether different nature. These contests are not at all necessary and do not contribute to the spiritual welfare of our students; instead we enter into a sinful association with an organization and persons that are in disobedience concerning true principles of education of children and youth. God commands parents, not government, to instruct and to provide instruction for their offspring. When parents allow government to usurp this parental responsibility and duty through public schools systems, our linking up with such schools is a sinful deed against our God. How is it possible to witness against the public schools system in America when we engage in co operation with them. Do we then not show approval of the public school?

The same principles which guide us in our opposition to so called neutral labor unions hold true here also, namely, “Be ye not unequally yoke (mismated) with unbelievers”—”How can light associate with darkness?”—”Come out from among them and be ye separated.”

Let no one forget it the public school is direct, wicked rebellion against God and Christ; make no comprormse with it of any sort! We must stand up bravely and witness for the truth of the Gospel and Christ’s commandments as pertains to the instruction of children.

II Cor. 6:14, 17 — Eph. 5:15, 16, 17 — I John 1:6 — I Peter 3:18.

Harold Tilma