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Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Seminary Activities

In January interested individuals living near our Seminary in Grandville, MI were able to attend a Seminary Interim class taught by Prof. R. Dykstra on the schism of 1953. This class covered the schism as well as the church political issues and particularly the doctrinal issue of God’s covenant of grace. This class was scheduled to meet the mornings of January 5-9 and 12-14.

On Friday, January 2, the students of our PR Seminary scrimmaged with the boy’s varsity basketball team of Covenant Christian High School in Walker, MI. The game was played at Covenant, and there was no admission charge.

The close of 2008 brought the internship of Seminarian Cory Griess to a close. Mr. Griess, along with his wife, Lael, spent the last six months of 2008 serving the Hull, IA PRC through our seminary internship program. For those of us following the Griess family and the birth of their twin sons, we know that everything did not go the way they planned, but we take comfort in the knowledge that all went according to God’s plan. We pray for God’s blessing on the Griess family as Cory completes his last semester in our seminary.

Sister-Church Activities

Prof. B. Gritters and Mr. Peter VanDer Schaaf, representing our denomination’s Contact Committee, made the committee’s annual trip to the Covenant PRC in Ballymena, Northern Ireland January 2 through 12. The church visitors were kept busy that week with visits to various families for dinner, church visitation with the Council of Covenant, and a congregational dinner. In addition, Prof. Gritters preached twice each Lord’s Day and gave a lecture in Limerick on “Music’s Indispensable Place in the Reformation.”

Prof. H. Hanko and his wife returned home from Singapore in late December after five weeks of labor with the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church.

Mission Activities

The Consistory of the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI recently notified their congregation that they were pleased to report that the administration of the Lord’s Supper in their mission in Pittsburgh had been approved by the governing bodies. The judgment of Missionary Rev. W. Bruinsma was that the membership as a whole had reached the level of spiritual maturity and unity that would warrant this action. Southwest’s consistory concurred and so advised the Domestic Mission Committee. Because Synod 2005 opened the way for the Lord’s Supper on the mission field by its interpretation of the application of Church Order Article 39 and its appended decision (cf. Acts 2005, Articles 30 and 31, B, 2, 3, and 4), the DMC also readily gave its approval. We rejoice with Southwest and the Pittsburgh Mission at this evidence of the blessing of God on the work being done there.

Congregation Activities

The Georgetown PRC in Hudsonville, MI was reminded back in December to pray for Joel and Ellen Bruinooge and Dave and Nancy Ondersma, representatives of their India Mission Committee, as they made plans for their trip to India to meet with Paul Raj, his family, and the children of the Grace Orphanage in Vellore, India, which Georgetown supports. The purpose of the trip was to offer encouragement to them and seek information on how best to serve the Reformed ministry there. Plans called for the two couples to drive from Grand Rapids to Detroit on December 18, then fly to Frankfort, Germany, and on to Chennai, on the east coast of India, where a car and driver would meet them for the three-hour drive west to Vellore. They planned to return the evening of December 31.

The grade 4-7 catechism classes of Georgetown PRC went caroling after their evening worship service on December 28. Afterwards the students enjoyed lunch and activities at their church.

Young People’s Activities

The Young People’s Society of the Lynden, WA PRC spent time back in December on the study of the topic, “The Christian and the Environment.” The young people were also reminded to be ready to defend their views on the basis of Scripture.

School Activities

Each Christmas the students at Heritage Christian School in Hudsonville, MI contribute to a Christmas collection. This Christmas, the collection went to the Wingham PR School Society in Wingham, Ontario, Canada.

Donation boxes were placed in each school room at Hope Christian School in Redlands, CA this past December. Students there were encouraged to contribute to their annual Christmas donation. This year’s gift went to the new Genesis PR School in Lacombe, Alberta, Canada.

The annual PRCS Christmas Program was held December 18 at the Cornerstone PRC in Dyer, Indiana. The theme was, “The Light of the World Is Jesus.”

Minister Activities

Rev. G. Eriks declined the call he had been considering to serve as pastor of the Byron Center, MI PRC.

On January 1 the Doon, IA PRC extended a call to Rev. R. Smit to serve as foreign missionary to the Berean PRC in Manila, the Philippines.

On Sunday, January 4, the Calvary PRC in Hull, IA extended a call to Rev. G. Eriks to serve as their first pastor.