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Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Evangelism Activities

This fall, Christianity on Campus, a group which has for its advisors, members of the Evangelism Committee of the Grace PRC in Standale, MI, is again sponsoring a series of ten lecture/discussions which have to do with the fundamentals of Christian faith, and this in light of contemporary issues. These meetings are scheduled for Wednesday evenings at 7:30 in the Cook DeWitt Chapel on the campus of Grand Valley State University. The meetings were also intended to provide application to living and enjoying the Christian life as a young Christian in these latter days.

At the first meeting, on September 17, Rev. M. Dick, pastor at Grace, spoke on the topic “Religious Stew.” You might be interested to know that, by using the term “Religious Stew,” Rev. Dick meant to call attention to today’s practice of the combining of the best ingredients of various religions into one religion, which as a result is supposed to be digestible and delectable to all. Rev. Dick did go on to point out, however, that Christianity is basically one meal: Jesus Christ.

The next meeting, on September 24, Rev. Dick was scheduled to speak on the topic, “I Went to the Circus the Other Day, and a Worship Service Broke Out!” Some questions to be considered in that meeting were, What ought to characterize true worship? Is there room for different kinds of services to accommodate all kinds of people? And, may I wear jeans?

Mission Activities

As many of our PR readers know, the Foreign Mission Committee of our churches has learned that the Ghanaian government requires that a missionary going to Ghana must be sponsored by a church within Ghana. The FMC had before checked with the Ghanaian Embassy in Washington to determine how to begin the process of immigrating a missionary. Their answer was that we must go to Ghana, become a permanent resident, and then apply for recognition as a church mission. The new information from Ghana means that the FMC will most likely advise our Hull, IA PRC not to call another missionary until they can sort this all out.

Our missionary to Northern Ireland, Rev. R. Hanko, reports that they continue to plan for and advertise their three trips to Wales in September. The first trip was from August 29 to September 8, the second was from the 12th to the 15th of September, and the third will be, the Lord willing, from the 19th to the 30th. Candidate Kleyn and his wife will also accompany Rev. Hanko on that last trip, from which they were scheduled to return to the States.

School Activities

On Saturday, September 20, there was a time of fellowship and celebration at Adams Christian School in Wyoming, MI, marking the completion of their Phase II addition. The evening concluded with a brief cornerstone ceremony in their new all-purpose room.

We take this opportunity to include also a note concerning the Free Christian School of Edgerton, MN. It is a small school of fourteen students that is in its 46th season. Not only are there few students, but most of them come from families that are struggling financially. So it is increasingly difficult for them to make ends meet. They have requested the prayers and continued financial support of our churches.

Denominational Activities

On September 16 the members of the Mr. & Mrs. Adult and Junior Societies in and around Grand Rapids, MI met at the Hudsonville, MI PRC to hear Rev. J. Slopsema, pastor at the First PRC in Grand Rapids, speak on the topic, “Christian Living in a Materialistic World.”

On Tuesday before the Wednesday, September 3 meeting of Classis West there was an Office Bearers’ Conference on the theme, “Reformed Worship.” Rev. S. Key gave the keynote address, entitled “Fellowship with the Holy One.” Other speakers were Professors H. Hanko, D. Engelsma, and R. Decker, and Revs. R. VanOverloop and B. Gritters.

Minister Activities

Rev. J. Slopsema has received the call from the South Holland, IL PRC.