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Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Mission Activities

Rev. T. Miersma, home missionary to the San Luis Valley Mission, in Alamosa, CO, reports slow but steady progress in the work there. With two elders from our Loveland, CO PRC (the calling church) Rev. Miersma has conducted family visits with the families of the mission. He reports that another family is now regularly attending and is committed to the work. This is the occasion for much encouragement both to the missionary and the people who support the SLV mission.

Rev. R. Cammenga and elder Gary Kaptein of our churches’ Domestic Mission Committee also visited the SLV mission January 19-22, to meet with and encourage Rev. Miersma and his family and to get a firsthand look at the work being done.

We have also learned from Rev. Brummel, pastor of the Edgerton, MN PRC, that due to increasing interest from the Philippines, the Foreign Mission Committee of our churches has decided to send two men there to investigate that field this July, conditional upon Synod’s approval.

Rev. J. Kortering, our churches’ minister-on-loan to our sister churches in Singapore, with his wife flew from Singapore to Yangoon, capital of Myanmar (formerly Burma) for two weeks in mid-January to attend a conference with members of the United Reformed Church, a new church that has formed out of the modernistic and apostatizing churches of that country. Let us remember to pray for the Korterings and the outreach of our sister churches in Singapore, the First and Covenant Evangelical Reformed Churches.

Rev. B. Gritters, pastor of the Hudsonville, MI PRC, the calling church for our churches’ mission field in Northern Ireland, along with Mr. Gord Wassink, a member of our Domestic Mission Committee, planned on traveling to Northern Ireland the first two weeks in February with a view to preparing advice concerning the Covenant Reformed Fellowship and their desire to be organized into a congregation.

Evangelism Activities

The Extension Committee of the Lynden, WA PRC handed out free copies of the late Rev. H. Hoeksema’s book entitled The Mystery of Bethlehem to each family and individual of their congregation. This book of devotional readings for the Christmas season was given as a note of thanks for Lynden’s past support of evangelism, as well as an encouragement for the spiritual growth of the Lynden congregation.

From a newsletter to their congregation, we also learn that the Evangelism Committee of the Randolph, WI PRC is busy with the work of evangelism. One area of labor that continues to grow is their tape ministry. Randolph has received many requests for the three-tape albums, “Reformed Worship,” the series on “Daniel,” and “Our Trials, God’s Handiwork.” Randolph was also encouraged by an unexpected response to their pastor’s booklet Church Membership in an Evil Age. Rev. Key received a letter from the Foundation for Biblical Studies in Denver, CO requesting permission to reprint Church Membership in the next issue of their Quarterly Journal, which will be focusing on the subject of Presbyterian/Reformed church government.

The Evangelism Committee of the Hope PRC in Redlands, CA was greatly encouraged by the attendance at the special Christmas Bible Study in Victorville. About 30 altogether were present.

Congregational Activities

Our congregation in Randolph, WI has decided to follow the lead of several of our churches by including the reading and signing of the Formula of Subscription during the installation service for elders and deacons each year.

The Council of the Grace PRC in Standale, MI was happy to inform their congregation that they received a gift from the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI of 75 Psalters.

Classis East, meeting in Grand Rapids in mid-January, approved the request of Rev. B. Woudenberg and the Council of Kalamazoo, MI PRC that Rev. Woudenberg be granted emeritation as of October 1, 1996, the 40th anniversary of his ministry in our churches.

In keeping with a decision made at last year’s Synod (Acts, page 56), the congregation of the Edgerton, MN PRC approved a retirement plan for their newly installed pastor, Rev. A. Brummel. This plan is in the name of our churches, with Rev. Brummel as the insured, and Rev. Brummel and his family as recipients. And the churches that, the Lord willing, Rev. Brummel will serve throughout his ministry will pay the premium.

School Activities

The first Saturday of each month, January through April, the Hope Foundation of the Hope PR Christian School in Walker, MI is sponsoring a series of travelogues in the auditorium of the Grandville Public High School. The first in this series, on January 6, was given by Mr. Karl VanOostenbrugge on Canada.

Ministers Activities

On January 30, the Lord willing, the congregation of the Doon, IA PRC was to call a pastor from the trio of the Revs. Bekkering, Bruinsma, and Koole.