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Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Minister Activities


The Lord willing, Prof. and Mrs. H. Hanko were to depart for Northern Ireland the first week in December. They planned on laboring among the saints there from December 7 to December 23. Plans called for Prof. Hanko to speak at a couple of special meetings, as well as to lead mid-week Bible studies and preach for the fellowship on the three Sundays they were there.

Rev. B. Gritters declined the call he received to serve as pastor of the Southeast PRC in Grand Rapids.

The congregation of the Hull, IA PRC extended a call to Rev. M. DeVries to serve as our churches’ second missionary to Ghana.

The Byron Center, MI PRC has formed a trio from which they were to call a pastor on December 18. That trio consisted of Rev. R. Cammenga, Rev. M. DeVries, and Rev. M. Dick.

The recently vacated Faith PRC in Jenison, MI was to call a pastor from a trio consisting of the Revs. C. Haak, J. Slopsema, and C. Terpstra.

Rev. K. Koole wrote in a recent Grandville, MI PRC bulletin that he and his family planned to move into Grandville’s parsonage the first week of December. Plans were also to have him preach his farewell at Faith Church Sunday evening, December 1, and then be installed in Grandville on December 15.

Denomination Activities


In our west-Michigan area churches there is a group that has grown to the point where they need and deserve an introduction to the readers of the “News.” This group has become known as the PR Singles Fellowship. Presently there are three ladies who help drive and give direction to this older singles group. They are Helen Hop of Hope Church in Walker, and Jane Peterson and Jane Dykstra of Southeast in Grand Rapids. The program of each meeting is planned by a different church each month. If it’s your church’s turn, you are responsible to think of somebody in your own church, or perhaps some relative of yours, who can play an instrument, sing, show slides of a trip of theirs, or tell the group about a hobby or job they have, etc. Anywhere from 25-40 singles have shown up at past events, and for many of those attending the monthly dinners, it has become something they do not miss if they can help it. Any PR person who is a widow, widower, or single person for whatever reason, and is age 55 or older is eligible to attend. Just watch your bulletins for announcements of events, which usually are the third Thursday evening of each month from March through November.

We say all that by way of introduction and to let you know that this group enjoyed their annual Christmas Social at Hope PR Christian School on November 21. In addition to a delicious meal served by the Ladies Circle of Hope, the group also enjoyed special music presented by the Trinity Men Singers—a male chorus from the Trinity PRC in Hudsonville, MI, under the direction of Mr. Jerry VanderKolk. This chorus, you might be interested to know, takes its name from Ecclesiastes 2:8, “I gat me men singers and women singers.” An offering was also taken for the school.

Not to be outdone by the older singles, the young adults of area PR churches in and around the Chicago, IL area were invited to a night of fun and fellowship at a get-together in Hammond, IN on November 22 at the Amerihost Inn. Activities revolved around a speech by Rev. R. VanOverloop.

Mission Activities


Rev. J. Kortering, one of our denomination’s retired ministers, along with his wife, planned on assisting Rev. T. Miersma in our mission work in Spokane, WA for the months of November and December.

Rev. J. Mahtani was scheduled to preach for the congregation of Grace Presbyterian Church in Lanham, MD Sunday, December 1.

Evangelism Activities

This year the Evangelism Committee of the Loveland, CO PRC decided to focus more inwardly on their congregation itself, by emphasizing their calling to witness to those with whom they come in contact, instead of a Reformation Day Lecture to which they invite others. With this in mind, the committee asked Rev. G. Eriks, their pastor, to give two lectures on personal witnessing. These lectures were on November 14 and 22. The consistory of Loveland also passed a proposal from their Evangelism Committee to air the Reformed Witness Hour on 670 AM in Denver, CO on Sunday afternoons, beginning soon.

The Evangelism Committee of the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI has published a new pamphlet entitled “The Kingdom of God,” by Prof. D. Engelsma. The seven chapters in this pamphlet appeared first as editorials in the Standard Bearer.

The Randolph, WI PRC has put together a tape set of Rev. S. Key’s recent series, “The Church Unsettled — From Egypt to Canaan: An Overview of the Life of Moses.” This set comes in an album with 14 tapes containing 28 sermons. Cost for the set is $38. Those interested may contact Matt or Melissa Regnerus at (920) 326-1975 to order a set.


Congregation Activities


The congregation of the Lynden,

WA PRC was invited to commemorate Reformation Day with a family night on November 22. Plans called for fellowship, singing praises to God, and Rev. R. Hanko giving a brief presentation on “The Reformation and the Invention of Printing.”

The young women of the Young People’s Society of the Byron Center, MI PRC invited all the women of their congregation to a “Ladies Night Out” on November 14, with proceeds going to support fellow saints in the Philippines, by providing necessary funds to send Christmas care-packages to children there.

The Choir of the Peace PRC in Lansing, IL presented their annual Thanksgiving Choir Concert on November 24.