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Mr. Wigger is an elder in the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Mission Activities

Thursday evening, November 18, was “Light Up Night” in Forest Hills, a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA, and the location of our denomination’s Mission Office and work in Pittsburgh. The Fellowship there decided to mark the event with an open house at the Mission Office, with lights, banner, reception table, coffee, lemonade, homemade cookies, and free tapes and pamphlets for all their visitors. Plans also called for a brief Bible Study and devotions, and a time of singing. Depending on the turnout, Pittsburgh also hoped to spend time showing visitors the Mission Office.

Also present that night in Pittsburgh were Rev. W. Bruinsma and Elder Gary Boverhof, as representatives of our churches’ Domestic Mission Committee, making their annual visit on November 18-22. On this visit these representatives were accompanied by their wives. They planned to join the Fellowship for the Bible Study/Open House on Thursday evening, visit with Missionary Rev. J. Mahtani and his family on Friday, and meet with the Steering Committee on Saturday afternoon. The Steering Committee was also encouraged by the visiting DMC delegates, who spoke on the trials and joys of holding office in Christ’s church.

We express our thanks to Justin and Cathie Koole, who left our churches’ mission work in Ghana in mid-November, after having served faithfully there for one year as assistants to our missionaries. As replacements for Justin and Cathie, the Hull, Iowa PRC and the Foreign Mission Committee sent John and Judy Bouma. You may remember that they were in Ghana at the beginning of the work there and were looking forward eagerly to seeing the members of the Fellowship once again. They were scheduled to arrive on November 26, D.V.

Mr. Alvin Bylsma and Mr. Gerald Brummel, delegates from Hull PRC and the FMC, were scheduled to visit Ghana from November 24 through December 6.

The next British Reformed Fellowship Family Conference will be held August 5-12, 2006, the Lord willing, at the Cloverley Hull Conference Center, Whit Church, Shropshire, England (near Wales). The speakers will be Prof. H. Hanko and Prof. D. Engelsma. The subject treated will be: “The Five Points of Calvinism.” For information on the Conference Center check:, and for those interested in seeing highlights of the last conference, there is available a DVD of approximately 50 minutes in length for a cost of $15.00 (US). For a copy write Rev. G. VanBaren, 4683 Crescent Dr., Hudsonville, MI 49426.

The Council of the Doon, Iowa PRC, the calling church for our denomination’s mission work in the Philippines, was pleased to inform their congregation and the denomination that the mission work in Manila continues to progress. With the FMC’s concurrence, Rev. A. Spriensma was granted permission to give the votum and salutation to the saints of the Berean Church (Reformed). This decision is grounded in our denomination’s position as it can be found in Article 29 of the 2001 Acts of Synod.

Rev. A. Stewart, missionary pastor of Covenant PR Fellowship in Northern Ireland, gave a lecture in mid-November on the topic “1000 Years ofRevelation 20” in Limerick. The lecture was well attended and well received and a good time of questions followed the meeting. Rev. Stewart also had an excellent opportunity earlier in November when he spoke for the first time at a primary/grade school assembly. Rev. Stewart spoke to the 10-12 year old students on Adam and Eve, the fall, and God’s sovereignty over the fall, etc.

On November 5 Rev. T. Miersma, our denomination’s missionary to Spokane, WA and the Covenant of Grace PR Fellowship there, gave a lecture and spoke on “The Protestant Reformation: A Return to the Truth of Sin and Grace.”

Evangelism Activities

Friday, November 5, the Evangelism Committee of the Randolph, WI PRC hosted a Fall Lecture given by Prof. H. Hanko entitled, “Luther and Erasmus: Free Will or Sovereign Grace?” Prof. H. Hanko also gave a lecture the following Friday, November 12, at Hope PRC in Redlands, CA. In that lecture, Prof. Hanko spoke on “Is the King James Still the Best Translation Available?” A collection was taken for the evangelism fund of Covenant PRC in New Jersey.

School Activities

The senior class of Covenant Christian High School in Grand Rapids, MI sponsored a fund-raising breakfast on Saturday, November 13, from 7-10:30 a.m. at their high school.

The Earthquake Committee of Hope Christian School in Redlands, CA asked their supporters to consider donating old blankets and small pillows for their school’s earthquake preparedness supplies.

Supporters of Eastside Christian School in Grand Rapids, MI were invited to attend a meeting on November 18 at Eastside. Mr. Greg Yoder, from the Christian Learning Center, spoke to the Eastside Promoters on how the CLC is helping teachers meet the needs of gifted students, as well as those students who struggle in some areas.

Minister Activities

The congregation of Bethel PRC in Roselle, IL called Rev. W. Bruinsma to become their next pastor. With him on that duo was Rev. J. Mahtani. Rev. R. Cammenga was initially included as well, but became ineligible when he accepted the call to Faith PRC.

The Doon, Iowa PRC extended a call to Rev. A. Brummel to serve as their next pastor.

The Hudsonville, MI PRC called Rev. Bruinsma to serve as their next pastor.