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Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Congregation Activities


On July 18 a sister congregation was organized by Classis East through the consistory of the Hudsonville, MI PRC.  Forty-four families and thirteen individuals became charter members of Trinity PRC.   Of that total, 34 families and 10 individuals came from the Hudsonville congregation and 10 families plus 3 individuals from other of our PR churches.  Those charter members can be broken down even further by noting that the group totals 177 souls, with 99 being confessing members and 78 baptized members. Rev. B. Gritters, pastor at Hudsonville and appointed moderator for Trinity, officiated at the organization, preaching from Psalm 122:6under the theme, “Love For God’s Church.” Four elders and three deacons were elected.  The organization was held in the building that the new congregation is purchasing from Hudsonville Reformed Church for about $750,000, which includes a sanctuary that seats about 400 and an education wing, two cadet-type outbuildings, and a parsonage.

With the unanimous approval of its congregation, the Grace PRC

in Standale, MI is moving ahead with expansion plans for their sanctuary. Approved plans call for expansion to begin as soon as possible, with Grace’s current Building Committee serving as the general contractor for the project. The congregation also decided to fund the project by using the current balance in their New Building Fund, with the remainder of the funds coming from a financial drive and interest bearing notes, with the balance, if required, coming from a bank.

Mission Activities

Rev. and Mrs. R. Moore arrived safely back in Ghana—and went right back to work. Rev. Moore stopped off at the radio station on his way from the airport on Thursday night, to take charge of the regular weekly call-in radio program.  Then he went home to greet those who had gathered there to welcome them back.  Rev. Moore writes, “Thus we are back in the harness and it feels good.  We had an enjoyable time in the States, but for now are glad to be back in Ghana.”

Sister-Church Activities

Although the summer of 2002 may seem like a long way off, it will be here quicker than we all would like to think.  With that in mind we take this opportunity to let you know that the British Reformed Fellowship is sponsoring a conference at Castlewellan Castle in County Down, Northern Ireland from July   20-27, 2002. This is the same place where the conference was held in 1998.  Here’s an opportunity for you to stay in a real castle for a week, enjoy beautiful grounds, which include a lake and an arboretum, and fellowship with saints from the British Isles and elsewhere.  If you like to make plans well in advance, we urge you to consider this worthwhile event. More information will undoubtedly follow in the coming months.

School Activities

This month many of us will send our children off to our own Christian schools.  Perhaps we often forget that not all our children have that wonderful privilege.  One group dedicated to organizing their own Christian school is the Association for the Heidelberg PR Christian School.  This association is made up of parents from the Bethel PRC in the Chicago area whose desire is to establish their own Christian school. Presently their children are either home-schooled or attend Baptist, Presbyterian, or Christian Reformed schools.  This association also recently hosted a conference entitled, “Creation, Science, and Scripture,” with Mr. Dave D’Armond, a geologist and Regional Representative for the Institute for Creation Research, as quest speaker.  Please remember in your prayers these like-minded believers who understand the importance of Christian covenant education as it is realized in our own Protestant Reformed schools.

The annual Midwest Secondary Education Society meeting was held this summer in Iowa.  Of note we read that the Society approved the proposal to implement a time-line for opening a school in August 2005.

We also pass along our heartfelt congratulations to the Free Christian School in Edgerton, MN, which on July 27 celebrated their 50th anniversary.  Former teachers, principals, and students joined together for an evening of praise, singing, and reminiscing, all with gratitude to our heavenly Father.

Minister Activities

The Hull, IA PRC made a trio from which to call a second missionary to Ghana:  Rev. W. Bekkering, Rev. M. DeVries, and Rev. R. Miersma. Rev. Bekkering was elected.

Rev. A. denHartog received the call from the Hope  PRC in Walker, MI to be minister-on-loan to Singapore.

After Rev. A. Brummel declined their call, the congregation of Randolph, WI PRC extended a call to Rev. C. Haak.  With him on that trio were the Revs. M. DeVries and R. Hanko.

A program to commemorate Rev. J. Kortering’s 40 years in the ministry was held at the Hope PRC in Walker, MI on July 13.

Congratulations are in order for Rev. R. Smit and his wife, Tricia, who were blessed with the birth of a baby daughter, Irene Ruth, on June 30.