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A major item of church news continues to be that of calls extended by our vacant congregations in order that they may receive a pastor. From a trio of Candidate Wilbur Bruinsma, Rev. R. VanOverloop, and Professor H. Hanko, our Southeast congregation has extended a call to Candidate Bruinsma. From a trio of Candidate Bruinsma, Rev. Arie den Hartog, and Professor Hanko, Faith Church also extended a call to Candidate Bruinsma. 

Our church in Isabel, South Dakota, has also been without a pastor since Rev. Miersma accepted a call to Pella, Iowa. Isabel extended a call to Candidate Richard Flikkema, who has spent the summer months in Isabel on summer assignment. Isabel’s trio also included Rev. Richard Moore and Rev. David Engelsma. Candidates may consider their calls for a period of up to six weeks.

Rev. Herman Veldman’s new address is 4601 Joliette Drive, Wyoming, Michigan 49509. The Veldman’s new phone is 616-532-5988. 

Rev. David Engelsma has declined the call from our Southwest Church. 

Rev. Ronald VanOverloop returned with his family from Christchurch, New Zealand on August 19. A reception sponsored by the Junior Mr. & Mrs. Society was planned to welcome the pastor and his family back to his congregation after an absence of nine months. 

Rev. and Mrs. George Lubbers planned to spend about six weeks in Skowhegan, Maine, preaching and teaching among a small group there with whom our churches have also labored in the past. 

September 6 marks the opening day of our seminary. An opening convocation has been scheduled for that evening in Hope Church to ask God’s blessing upon the coming year and to set the tone for the instruction to be given. Prof. H. Hanko was the scheduled speaker. 

An Office Bearers’ Conference was scheduled at Hope Church on September 12. Rev. B. Woudenberg was to speak on the topic: “The Status of the Elder on the Mission Field.” 

The Ladies Society of our Hudsonville Church invited the ‘Senior Citizens’ of the congregation to a picnic at noon on Tuesday, June 27, at Hagar Hard: wood Park. The bulletin announcement included the following untranslated sentence, “In geval dat het weer ongeschikt is, komen we samen in de kerk.” 

The Hudsonville consistory is considering changing the celebration of the Lord’s Supper to the morning service of each second Sunday of March, June, September, and December. Apparently Hudsonville has been one of the few to serve communion during both the morning and evening services on communion Sunday, 

Our congregation in Edgerton, Minnesota, scheduled a special congregational meeting in mid-July to consider a proposal to paint the parsonage. With the help of many members of the congregation, a new kitchen was installed in the church, the church roof was re-shingled, and some trees were removed from behind the parsonage. It must have been a busy summer in Edgerton. 

The church roof in Pella, Iowa, was also in need of some attention. The church Building Committee asked that the men of the congregation turn out on August 12 to put a new coat of sealer on the roof. 

The Redlands, California, Hope Church bulletin contained some news on the activities of church extension work being carried on in the Redlands area. Copies of a pamphlet called “The Reformed Witness” are sent out on a regular basis. The topic in the current issue is entitled “The Death of Christ.” These were sent to 998 new addresses in Redlands and 133 on a permanent mailing list. The committee recently terminated sending material to 981 Redlands addresses with the request that if they desire to continue receiving them they return the postage free card. Four such cards were received from the mailing. The committee also sends tapes of the Sunday worship services to three readers on a regular basis. 

A Quiet Thought from the Southeast bulletin: “The truest end of life is to know the life that never ends.”