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Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.


Minister Activities 

Since our last “News,” several of our churches have been busy extending calls. Rev. R. VanOverloop received the call from the Doon, IA PRC to serve as missionary pastor to the Berean PRC in Manila, the Philippines. The newly organized Providence PRC, presently meeting in Hudsonville, MI, extended their first call for a pastor to Rev. R. Kleyn. Both Rev. Kleyn and Rev. VanOverloop recently declined those calls. Rev. J. Slopsema is considering a call from Grace PRC in Standale, MI to become their next pastor. And Calvary PRC in Hull, Iowa continues to wait on the Lord for their first pastor, since Rev. K. Koole declined their latest call to come over and help them.

Young Adults Activities 

The Young Adult Society of Hope PRC in Redlands, CA served as host society for a Young Adult Retreat from June 30 – July 3, under the theme, “Maintaining a Spiritual Life,” based on a text taken from II Peter 3:17, 18. In addition to the two speeches, one by Rev. M. VanderWal, pastor at Hope, and the other by Rev. A. denHartog, pastor of the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI, the 67 attendees were able to participate in discussion groups throughout the week-long retreat on topics of Know the Enemy, Be Prepared for Battle, and How to Grow in Faith. Most of the activities that are usually associated with retreats, such as swimming, softball, and tennis, centered at the University of Redlands campus, with one trip to Big Bear Lake, and another to Six Flags Magic Mountain Amusement Park immediately after the retreat came to a close on Thursday.

Mission Activities

Prof. B. Gritters and Seminarian Vernon Ibe and his wife, Melody, traveled to the Philippines to labor there on behalf of the Doon, IA PRC and our denomination’s Foreign Mission Committee, over the Sundays of July 6, 13, and 20. During their stay they were also able to visit many of the families of the Berean PRC in Manila. On Saturday, July 12, they visited the saints in Gabaldon, bringing them the Word. One highlight of the trip was the public confession of faith of one of Melody Ibe’s sisters. A family conference was also held during the visit, with Prof. Gritters delivering three speeches each day on the topic of the Reformed family. Prof. Gritters returned home on July 22, while the Ibes stayed behind for about two more weeks to visit family, travel again to Gabaldon, and worship with the Bereans.

With the approval of Edgerton, MN PRC and the Domestic Mission Committee, the Heritage PR Fellowship of Sioux Falls, SD is proceeding with plans to begin a yearlong campaign of television advertisements on KSFY/ABC/channel 13. The package Heritage is committed to includes 42 thirty-second commercials per month. All 42 commercials will run in one week of each month for greater exposure. 180,000 people from a 150-mile radius are estimated to view each commercial.

The general manager of KSFY is committed to working with Heritage to produce the most effective, creative commercials that convey Heritage’s message. We add our prayer to that of Heritage when we thank God for this exciting opportunity and pray that it might prove to be a good witness to the Sioux Falls community.

Evangelism Activities

Members of the congregations in West Michigan and beyond were invited to the annual Summer Class Series hosted by the Reformed Witness Committee of the Hope PRC in Walker, MI. This year’s classes were led by Prof. H. Hanko and considered “The Sanctifying Power of Suffering.” They were held at Hope Church the first four Tuesdays of July.

The Consistory of the Bethel PRC in Roselle, IL approved their Evangelism Committee’s plan to sponsor four Bible studies at the home of a couple who live in Aurora, IL over the summer. This plan grew out of a hands-on discipleship training class at Bethel when a suggestion was made that Rev. J. Mahtani travel to Aurora with interested members of Bethel for this Bible study.

Congregation Activities

Over the summer months we have been following exciting details from the Wingham, Ontario PRC and their attempts to purchase the Salvation Army property in Wingham. Well, we are happy to report that their offer to purchase has been accepted, with a closing date set for September 30, D.V. This is a brick church building in good condition built in the 1900s. It is located in Wingham one block off the main street. It has a nice sanctuary with a full basement and a large fellowship room and kitchen. With several other rooms on both floors, there is a total of approximately 6300 square feet. So Wingham’s present building will soon be put up for sale. The Salvation Army property also contains sufficient room to serve in the future as facilities for a PR school in Wingham. The goal of the School Society is for the school to begin operation in September 2009, D.V. So this is a very exciting time for the congregation there. It is their prayer that these new facilities will be used unto God’s glory and unto their blessing as a congregation.

The Future Building Committee of the Randolph, WI PRC invited all church members to an informational meeting on July 24. The final building plans were reviewed as well as the proposed schedule and selected contractors. Volunteer opportunities were also extended to the congregation.

Young People’s Activities

The Annual Young People’s Convention held this past July was an enjoyable and profitable time for the young people of our denomination to grow in faith and to form new friendships. A special thanks to the chaperones, the three speakers, Mr. Dan Van Dyke, Rev. C. Spronk, and Rev. R. VanOverloop, and especially to the Byron Center, MI PRC for all the excellent planning and work that went into the convention. May the week the young people spent together be used of God to strengthen them for their place of service in Christ’s kingdom.