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Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Minister Activities


The Theological School Committee is presenting to Synod 2005 the following trio to replace Prof. D. Engelsma, who will be retiring as Professor of Dogmatics and Old Testament: Rev. R. Cammenga (Faith, Jenison, MI), Rev. S. Key (Hull, IA), and Rev. K. Koole (Grandville, MI).

Rev. J. Mahtani, our churches’ eastern home missionary who has labored in Pittsburgh, PA since 1998, has accepted the call to serve as the next pastor of Bethel PRC in Roselle, IL.

Rev. S. Houck declined the call from First PRC in Edmonton, AB, Canada. First-Edmonton’s new trio is Rev. W. Bruinsma, Rev. G. Eriks, and Rev. Doug Kuiper.


Mission Activities


The toll free number that the PR Fellowship of Fayetteville, NC has supplied for our denomination’s eastern home missionary the last several years will follow Rev. Mahtani when he leaves for Bethel PRC. The Fayetteville Fellowship decided that this would be their ongoing contribution to the cause of missions in the PRC, so that parties in Pittsburgh and Fayetteville, and others in Allentown, Lanham, etc., can conveniently keep in touch with Pastor Mahtani.

The weekend of April 23, 24, Rev. W. Bruinsma and elder Dave Moelker, members of our Domestic Mission Committee, visited the Fayetteville PR Fellowship. In addition to renewing old contacts and visiting with the members of the Fellowship, Rev. Bruinsma was able to preach twice on Sunday.

Friday, April 22, Rev. A. Stewart, our denomination’s missionary to the Covenant Protestant Reformed Fellowship in Northern Ireland, spoke at the Rest Convalescent Home in Porthcawl, South Wales on the subject of “Total Depravity.” Then one week later, on Friday, April 29, he gave a public lecture entitled “The 1000 Years of Revelation 20” in Mountjoy Orange Hall near Omagh, Northern Ireland, with 30-35 in attendance. Rev. Stewart planned to answer questions regarding what is the millennium or 1000 years, when does it start, and what is the binding of Satan.

The Covenant of Grace PR Fellowship in Spokane, WA gave a special welcome to Rev. Dale Kuiper, minister emeritus of our churches, and his wife in early May. Rev. Kuiper was scheduled to preach for the Fellowship for two Lord’s days while Missionary Rev. T. Miersma and his family were on vacation and traveling to the Loveland, CO PRC. While there, Rev. Miersma planned to meet with the consistory as part of the regular supervisory work of the Loveland PRC.


Congregation Activities


A couple of our denomination’s pastors celebrated birthdays recently. How do I know? Well, their congregations, Trinity in Hudsonville, MI and Grace in Standale, MI, invited their members for a time of coffee and cake to help celebrate the birthdays of their pastors, Rev. R. Kleyn and Rev. M. Dick respectively, after a recent Sunday morning service.

Sunday evening, May 1, Rev. A. denHartog was installed as the 12th pastor of the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI. Southwest’s 11th pastor, Rev. R. Cammenga, led the worship service, choosing as his text the Word of God found in Ephesians 6:19, 20 under the theme, “Pray for Him.” Rev. Cammenga considered that text from three different viewpoints. Pray: For Whom? Pray: For What? Pray: Why? A welcome program for the denHartogs was held following the installation service.

Rev. denHartog preached his farewell sermon April 24 at Hope PRC in Walker, MI, the calling church for him as minister-on-loan to Singapore. An open house farewell for him, his wife Sherry, and their daughter Laura was held at Covenant Christian High School following the evening worship service.

A welcome for newly installed Rev. D. Overway, his wife Rebecca, and their family was planned for April 29 at the Doon, IA PRC.

The congregation of the Loveland, CO PRC was invited to join together on April 21 for their annual Spring landscape cleanup for their church and school. Loveland’s members were encouraged to bring brooms, trash bags, and/or other tools to aid in the cleanup.

The help of all the members of Grace PRC in Standale, MI was needed on May 4 when their church sponsored their annual Spring cleaning bee. Help was needed for cleaning or baby-sitting for others. Members were asked to bring buckets, rags, and vacuum cleaners. All other supplies were provided.


Evangelism Activities


The Evangelism Committee of First PRC in Holland, MI sponsored their annual Spring lecture on Friday evening, April 29 at their church. Prof. H. Hanko spoke on the subject, “A Look at Bible Translations.”


Denomination Activities


The Cornerstone PRC in Dyer, IN invited members of the various PR congregations in the Chicago, IL area to a combined Junior/Senior Adult Bible Study on April 26. Discussion centered on the timely topic, “The Terri Schiavo Case and Christian Ethics.”

The annual Ladies’ League meeting was held April 26 in Doon, IA. Rev. D. Kleyn spoke on “The Role of Women in the Church’s Work of Missions.”


Young People’s Activities


Thursday, April 21, the Young People of Southeast PRC in Grand Rapids, MI hosted a Pot Luck dinner for their congregation. This dinner was advertised as an opportunity to support a good cause, while getting good food and enjoying good fellowship—a fine way to spend the dinner hour, AND the young people would even do the dishes.

The Young People of the South Holland, IL PRC were selling boxed KJV greeting cards as a fundraiser for this year’s convention.

The Young People of Grace PRC in Standale, MI invited their congregation to a Mexican Supper, April 30, at Hope School. A delicious supper of nachos, burritos (hot or mild), and tacos was served.