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Rev. H. Veldman, of Hope Church in Grand Rapids, received the call to be Home Missionary of our churches. 

First Church, of Grand Rapids, extended a call to Rev. J.A. Heys of South Holland, Illinois.

Rev. H. Hoeksema has been granted a three month’s leave of absence from his pulpit by the consistory. The infirmities attending his latest stroke, especially the difficulty to read, prompted the “Dominee” to make this request. Prof. H.C. Hoeksema has consented to take his father’s place in the morning services until Classical appointments can be arranged.

Holland’s congregation hopes to worship in their new church Sunday, Dec. 6. The Ladies’ and the Men’s Societies recessed the previous week that the members might clean the building for occupancy and to move and install the pews and pulpit furniture. The congregation is duly proud of their new home and welcome your inspection. Drive down East 16th St. and follow the signs. News of the dedication date has not yet reached our mailbox.

Nov. 16 Hope’s Men’s Society met with Hudsonville’s men at Hudsonville. Mr. Graeser, of the visiting society, gave a paper which was later discussed. And, First Church’s Junior Y. P. Society was host to Southwest’s young people Nov. 22, Karen Kuiper, of Southwest, gave a brief history of Augustine, delineating the doctrinal controversies conducted by that early Church Father, especially that against Pelagianism.

The Young People’s Society of Southeast Church in Grand Rapids, sponsored a dinner for all the members of their congregation Dec. 5. The young people invited their families to “an evening of Christian fellowship.” The proceeds were earmarked for the Carpet Fund.

In all the current bulletins we find an announcement I that reads something like this: “The Annual Congregational Meeting will be held on (date). Election of office bearers and the adoption of the budget will take, place at that time.” After having recently endured a barrage of campaign speeches by the National Election of candidates it is refreshing to know that election offices are filled in our churches every year by men who, if: they “desire the office (of a bishop), desire a good work,” do so without “campaigning,” realizing that it is a calling to the office and not a running for it.

The Radio Committee of our Reformed Witness Hour has informed us that they have prepared a special tape recording which should prove to be of interest to the program committees of the various societies of our churches. The tape, which plays at 7 1/2 inches per second and runs for about 30 minutes, consists of musical selections by the people of Protestant Reformed persuasion who reside on the Island of Jamaica, and of short messages from other parts of the world where our distinctively Reformed radio programs are heard. Necessary information can be obtained by writing to: Mr. H. Vander Wal, 1047 Alto Ave. S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 49507. Those living in or near Grand Rapids may receive this information by calling CH 32953. Your total cost of using this tape is: a four cent postage stamp!

The Prot. Ref. High School Circle scheduled their November meeting for the 23rd. It was held in First Church, and Mr. Wayne Lanning was the speaker.

The Adams St. School Mothers’ Club meeting on Dec. 3 featured a Christmas Program rendered by the school children, to which the fathers received a special invitation.

Hudsonville’s Choral Society rendered a Christmas Program in their church after the evening service Dec. 13; and The Hope Choral Society is inviting the people to their Christmas Program planned for Dec. 20.

Holland’s pulpit was occupied Nov. 29 by seminary appointees because of Rev. Lanting’s bout with laryngitis; student R. Decker in the morning and Prof. H.C. Hoeksema in the evening. That’s just another benefit the eastern churches enjoy because of their nearness to pulpit supply.

In order that our people in Pella might also enjoy a Thanksgiving Day sermon, Rev. J. Kortering, of Hull, Iowa, conducted the service on Nov. 24. 

. . . see you in church.