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South Holland’s Young People are already preparing to help make the next Young People’s Convention a success. At a recent society meeting a round table discussion on the purposes of such a convention was held; participants were, Beth Van Baren, Dick Haak, Steve Poortinga, and Joanne Flikkema. Their program committee evidently understands that a convention cannot rise higher than its purposes.

Loveland’s Sunday School Christmas Program featured a song by the entire audience. That was not unusual in many of the Christmas programs in our other churches; but the language of the song was, for it was sung in German; the song: “Die H&ten Die Waren Im Felde.

The front cover of Kalamazoo’s Jan. 3rd bulletin displayed a beautiful lithograph of a white church surrounded by birch trees and high snowdrifts. The text underneath was, “Thou shalt call his name, Jesus, for he shall save his people from their sins.” How appropriate, for without the Incarnation of the Son of God there would be no need for churches: we would yet be in our sins.

A late (Dec.) news item from Loveland: The Young People’s Society invited all the young people of the congregation to a caroling tour of the families of the congregation Christmas Eve. After the tour the young people were invited to the parsonage for refreshments, served by the youthful inhabitants of the manse.

The latest report on the condition of Mrs. C. Hanko shows a beginning of restoration from the effects of the stroke she suffered Jan. 5. She is able to sit up a little and has begun taking nourishment orally. The paralysis affects the entire right side with the exception of the right eye and ear. She is now able to speak in one word sentences. What the future holds for Mrs. Hanko is known to God alone, who knows the end from the beginning. We commit Rev. Hanko’s family to His loving care, and trust in Him that He will give grace necessary to meet all their needs.

Loveland’s consistory has decided to conduct worship services mornings and evenings through the entire year. Heretofore services were held in the afternoons instead of evening during the winter months.

Randolph’s pastor, Rev. G. Van Baren, was the speaker at a Men’s Society sponsored lecture in South Holland Jan. 25. His topic was, “Limited Atonement.” This and like lectures should be a source of deep gratitude in us to know that our leaders are still interested in instructing our people in doctrinal matters. May our pastors and teachers always be concerned with the Truth, and not be caught up with the present day trend of world reform. May their weapons always be the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God! 

. . . . see you in church.