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Rev. B. Woudenberg declined the call to Southwest Church. 

Rev. C. Hanko also declined the call to Redlands, California. 

Our Missionary, Rev. G. Lubbers, declined the call to Loveland, Colorado. 

The 1963 Synod of our churches has completed its work and it was refreshingly evident that a spirit of harmony and unity prevailed through all its sessions, which also spoke of confidence and hope for the future. From First Church’s bulletin we quote, “What occupied much of Synod’s time, and stands out as a very significant event was the examination and graduation of Seminarian David Engelsma. After having given evidence of his knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures, his ability and desire to serve in the ministry of our churches, he was declared candidate and made eligible for a call after July 11.” 

As a result of the above mentioned work of Synod Commencement Exercises were held in Southeast. Church, June 11, at 8 p.m. The meeting was opened with Scripture reading and prayer by Rev. C. Hanko, vice-president of the Theological School Committee. Music was furnished by a children’s choir from Adams St. School and the Radio Choir, both under the direction of Mr. Roland Petersen. The Candidate spoke on, “The Fundamental Significance of Exegesis.” The speaker emphasized the fact that exegesis was fundamental especially in this day and age when preachers no longer exegete Scripture but merely talk on a subject more or less related to a portion of Scripture. We also were reminded that all believers are exegetes as we prepare for our society meetings and as we instruct our children, but when exegesis declines in the official preaching of the Word of God the believer’s ability to exegete also suffers. The Candidate said to exegete was to listen to the Word of God, letting Scripture explain Scripture. After an interval of choir music the Rector of the Seminary, Prof. H.C. Hoeksema, gave a speech on, “Our Theological Conflict Today.” The Professor stressed the fact that there is such a conflict; he spelled out the battle lines of the conflict; and, comforted us with the sure promise that we are victors in that conflict. The speaker delineated the issue of this conflict to be our peculiar heritage in our Reformed Confessions as the embodiment of the Truth, specifically the Truth of God’s Covenant of Friendship with His elect in Christ in absolute sovereignty by means of faith, antithetically and unconditionally to lead His people to glory. The Rector further pointed out that this conflict is the same as that of 1619, 1924, 1953 and would be the same to the end of days. The comfort we: may take while occupied with this warfare was shown in the assurance that we are victors, which victory was accomplished by our Lord Jesus Christ as He told us, “In the world ye shall have tribulations, but 1. have overcome the world.” Finally the speaker admonished us with the Scriptural injunction to be constant in prayer asking for grace to stand fast in the warfare of the Church Militant until we shall be free in the Church Triumphant. 

The Reformed Witness Hour this month features Rev. J.A. Heys of the South Holland Prot. Ref. Church in Illinois. Rev. Heys’ series of sermons will be under the general theme, “The Church of God.” The schedule is as follows: July 7, “The Certain Triumph of God’s Church”; July 14, “God’s Remembrance of His Church”; July 21, “God’s Victorious Battle for His Church”; July 28, “God’s Church Filled with Glory.” For copies of Rev. Heys’ sermons write to the Reformed Witness Hour, Box 1230, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

The Ladies’ Auxiliary of the South Holland-Oak Lawn School sponsored a Mission Emphasis evening, June 14, in the Illiana Chr. High School auditorium. The program featured the brethren H. Meulenberg and H. Zwak of our denominational Mission Committee, who showed colored slides of the work which they conducted on the Island of Jamaica. There was a good turn-out for this event and a generous offering for Missions was taken. 

From a News sheet of the Reformed Witness Hour we learn that ten radio stations are the outlets for our radio sermons. Texas, Iowa, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Colorado, Michigan and some Eastern States are covered by our network. Transworld Radio and Radio Hoyer’ are outlets for foreign broadcasting. 

. . . . See you in church.