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We have, to begin with, a news item that’s considerably later than usual. Through an oversight, we passed by Oct. 31, which was a date of considerable importance to the congregation of South Holland. That was the date of the installation of their new pastor, Rev. R. Decker. Rev. Kuiper was on hand to read the form, and Prof. Hoeksema preached the sermon. Rev. Decker preached his inaugural sermon the following Sunday, Nov. 2.

Then, to get into 1970 (but just barely), Hull was scheduled to hold a Congregational meeting immediately after the New Year’s morning service to call a minister from a trio consisting of Revs. Schipper, Lubbers, and C. Hanko.

And from our ever-active Lynden congregation’s bulletin, we find this letter from an Alabama reader: “I have just read one of your Studies in Biblical Doctrine, number 135, ‘The Covenant Fulfilled’. I enjoyed it thoroughly and would like to be on your mailing list. I have a small tape recorder and would like-to join your weekly taped study class.”

Other congregations are busy with a different kind of work, too. This from Hull’s bulletin—”The Consistory, in behalf of our congregation, wishes to express a word of thanks to the Building Committee who made all the arrangements for the remodeling of our church entrance and to all those who volunteered their time or helped in any way. A job well done!” And, we understand that our Isabel people have erected a small building (10’x10′) to be used as storage space. Two men of the congregation bought an old barn for its lumber. They furnished the lumber, while the rest of the congregation took care of nails, paint, roofing materials, etc. The result, according to Rev. Moore—”a nice storage facility for about $40 expense.”

Another congregation engaged in a still different type of activity, for which Southwest’s seminary student was very thankful. We quote, “Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Bekkering wish to thank all the members of the congregation for the wonderful show of love extended to them in the recent grocery-shower. And to those who so generously gave, surely the Spirit has once again shown that it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

These excerpts from a letter to Southwest Church from Rev. C.J. Elliott of Jamaica: “We as sister Protestant Reformed Churches of Jamaica are wonderfully thankful to our Covenant God for the clothing we received—that has been sent to us as poor brothers and sisters . . . these boxes so neatly packed, the clothing is so clean, smells so nice. . . . Next we are wonderfully thankful to God for sending Rev. Lubbers and his dear wife to us again to strengthen us with the Gospel—The Reformed faith that is so dear to our hearts.”

Rev. Lubbers is due back from Jamaica, shortly. Rev. Heys intends to replace him, serving in Jamaica from February through April. May we remember him with our prayers and letters. He asks also that area church groups who have announcements to place in Holland’s bulletin, send them, for those three months, to Mr. J.H. Kortering, 130 East 24th St., Holland, Mich. 49423.

Rev. Kuiper has spent a rather eventful last couple of months. While on a two-week classical appointment to Forbes in December, he showed Mr. Meulenberg’s slides of Jamaica, and conducted family visitation with the elders in Forbes. Rev. Kuiper is, as you know, leaving Randolph. He planned to preach his farewell sermon on Jan. 4., move on the 5th, unpack on the 6th, and be installed in Pella on the 8th.

The congregation of Southeast started, as of the first Sunday in January, to hold their evening service at 5 o’clock. The consistory of First Church of Grand Rapids has recently decided against the same plan.

The young people’s annual Christmas Mass Meeting, sponsored this year by First Junior Young People’s Society, was held on Sunday afternoon, Dec. 28. Prof. H. Hanko spoke on “The Manifestation of Christ’s Return in 1969.” The young people of Randolph planned a “snow party” as a welcome home for two of their servicemen.

A little about Christmas programs yet—Hope Choral Society presented theirs on Dec. 14. Special numbers included a trumpet solo by John Hoekstra and a piano-organ duet by Mrs. I. Veenstra and Mr. C. Kuiper. The choir was accompanied by Mrs. G. Kuiper and directed by Mr. G. Kuiper; who also, incidentally, directs Hudsonville’s Choral Society.

On Sunday, Dec. 21, there was a Christmas singspiration at First Church of Grand Rapids. This singspiration was sponsored jointly by the Young People’s Federation and the Covenant High School choir. During the first half of the program, Randy Meyer directed the enthusiastic singing of those in the “audience”. Then the choir performed, in what their director, Mr. Roland Petersen, called the first public appearance of the complete choir. The evening was, as Rev. Van Baren mentioned in his remarks at the close of the program, “marvelous”. This must have been true for all those, who love to sing the songs of Zion, in anticipation of that time when we will sing them in perfection on the other side of the grave.