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Rev. G. Lubbers has accepted the call to the Southwest Church of Grand Rapids. 

Lynden’s new trio consists of the Revs. C. Hanko, J.A. Heys, and G. Vanden Berg. 

Radio News: Professor H. CT Hoeksema has prepared four radio messages for our Reformed Witness Hour which, the Lord willing, will be broadcast during the month of April. The general theme of these radio sermons is, “The Preaching of the Gospel” and proclaim the truth “that the Gospel ought to be declared and published to all nations and to all persons promiscuously and without distinction, to whom God, in His Good Pleasure, sends the Gospel.” The first sermon in this series—to be aired April 5—is entitled “The General Preaching of the Gospel.” This will be followed (April 12) with a message concerning “The Address of the Gospel.” The effect of the preaching of the Gospel is proclaimed the succeeding. Lord’s Day with the title “The Fruit Upon the Preaching.” Prof. Hoeksema concludes this month’s radio sermons with “The Power of the Preaching.” Messages such as these can be a wonderful source of inspiration and comfort in moments of meditation. Why not write for your free copies of these Distinctively Reformed radio sermons? The mailing address is—The Reformed Witness, Hour, P.O. Box 1230, Grand Rapids, Mich. 49501. 

Holland’s congregation is enjoying the new pews which were installed in their sanctuary last month. A thank-you to all who assisted in the installation found its way into the Feb. 23rd bulletin. 

On the evening of the American Irish’s day of idol worship the people from our Iowa churches were gathered in Christian fellowship; enjoying a lecture by Rev. D. Engelsma, of Loveland. This lecture was sponsored by the Northwest Iowa Prot. Ref. School Society.

Hope Church’s financial drive for a new church edifice was completed March 10, having canvassed the entire membership at their homes. The outcome of this drive has not yet been tabulated for publication.

Did you know, that the Sunday School of First Church maintains a supply of pamphlets which they have published as a Mission Project? In each Sunday School session a “Mission collection’ is taken and earmarked for this special project. There are 15 pamphlets on the list at present, 13 of which came from the copius pen of Rev. H. Hoeksema. The two not included are, “Calvinism— The Truth” by Rev. R.C. Harbach, and, “The Movie,” which in this day of living-room-television-movies is somewhat antiquated. It would be interesting to know to what foreign lands our pamphlets have winged their way. One of the latest requests for the entire series has come from a Missionary in Mexico whose supply had been left in Ceylon, Africa. This Missionary uses these, as well as Rev. Hoeksema’s Exposition on the Heidelberg Catechism (which the Ref. Witness Hour publishes), as study material when he translates the precious truths of the Holy Scriptures into the Spanish language. It is indeed gratifying to know that these published works may go out into all the world, and that they may be instrumental in making The Word to be a light upon the path and a lamp unto the feet of those in far-off lands with alien tongues. Surely, the Lord’s ways are mysterious and past finding out! 

Members of the Hudsonville Men’s Society have agreed to discontinue smoking during the entire session of their meetings. Me thinks the Surgeon General’s Report had nothing to do with this decision, but is merely a genuine concern for the allergies of the non-smoking brethren. 

Randolph’s Adult Bible Class, in an after recess discussion, interested themselves with the meaning of II Thess. 2:7, and the archaic English of the King James version was translated into modem English by Mrs. G. VanBaren who introduced the subject. The discussion which followed was of timely interest, for the Church must always be aware of the coming of “The Man of Sin.”

Hope’s Men’s Society was host to Southwest’s Society March 2. Southwest provided the after recess program which was a paper on, “And through thy knowledge shall the weaker brother perish, for whom Christ died?” Offhand, could you answer this question, “How would it be possible that one for whom Christ died would perish because of your knowledge?” 

At a joint meeting at First Church, Robert Van Dyke, of the visiting Holland Society, read a published paper on, “The Angel of Jehovah.” From this, and from the discussion that followed, the men learned that this manifestation was a preview of the Incarnated Second Person of the Holy Trinity come down to earth in the special interest of His peculiar people in the execution of His Plan of Salvation. 

The Reformed Witness, Northwest Iowa’s and Randolph’s tract-ministry, has just released their latest publication. The title of this pamphlet is, “Stone for Bread.” 

The young people” of our churches are busy trying to raise the necessary monies to underwrite the 1964 Convention. The last two weeks of March saw the members of the Young People’s Societies of First Church canvassing the homes for voluntary contributions to this worthy cause. 

. . . see you in church.