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Rev. C. Hanko is in receipt of a call to labor in the congregation in Hull, Iowa. A later report informs us that this call has also been declined. 

Candidate Dale Kuiper has gladdened the hearts of the members of the congregation at Randolph, Wis., by accepting the call they had tendered him. Candidate Kuiper is not a stranger to the congregation, having lived in the manse as a young man while his father, the late Rev. H. Kuiper, was stationed there from 1951 to 1954. The candidate’s examination will be held in the regular September meeting of Classis West.

Southeast’s congregation was called to a special congregational meeting Aug. 28 to consider a remodeling project proposed by the consistory.

To accommodate the vacation-time schedules, Rev. H. Veldman preached twice in his own church and once in Hope Church Sunday Aug. 13, with the morning services set in staggered times; and Rev. Kortering served Holland’s congregation in the morning and evening services besides an afternoon service in Southwest Church on the same date.

Redlands Young People’s Society sent delegates to the Convention for the first time this year. In all, nine of their membership enjoyed the privilege of attending all the meetings.

Our “Missionaries” to Jamaica have returned to Michigan after spending eight weeks in the tropical heat of that Island (an island where sauna baths are not commercialized, but are copiously supplied by nature). They enjoyed a warm welcome by the people during their entire stay, and the weather cooperated with the natives on that score, too: every day it was a sweltering 100 to 120 degrees, “cooling” to 90 degrees at night. Rev. Heys was busy preaching, and teaching the ministers and elders the basic truths Scripture handed down to us by our Reformed Fathers. The people reveal an ever-increasing appetite for the pure preaching of the Word of God. It must be gratifying, indeed, to witness, as did Paul and Silas, that their hearers, “were glad, and glorified the Word of God; and as many as were ordained to eternal life believed.” Elder Zwak was busy in his field of labor holding conferences with the elders and deacons of the various churches instructing them in the rules and regulations of Reformed Church Polity under which our churches thrive. Though the missionaries have returned to their homes, our support will continue to supply them in their medical needs and clothing lack through the offerings received in our churches periodically, as requested by Synod, and distributed by the diaconate of Hudsonville.

Conventionally speaking what were our young people up to from Aug. 17 to 21? They were gathered in annual convention in Hull, Iowa; a time of relaxation and fun, a time of spiritual instruction and upbuilding, a time of fellowship in renewing old friendships and making new ones. 

The Michigan contingent drove to South Holland in 16 cars and were served a delicious supper by the South Holland ladies before bussing to downtown Chicago to entrain to Le Mars, Iowa, where they arrived the next morning. In a 12 hour trip the train stopped 36 times to load and unload passengers and goods. Even if the young people had been pre-disposed to sleep (?) this every quarter-hour stopping and starting would have disposed of it. 

Thursday was spent in the assignment of lodging and in registration. Friday morning the business of the convention was finished and the afternoon was occupied with a program prepared for it. The evening featured the Rev. G. Vanden Berg, of Oak Lawn, who gave the keynote speech on the theme, “Soli Deo Gloria“, speaking on, “The Idea” of this theme. Saturday’s speaker was Candidate D. Kuiper, who developed the idea of “The Basis” of the title theme, and Monday evening’s program and banquet featured Rev. R. Decker, of Doon, who spoke on “The Expression” of ascribing all the glory to God. 

The fun and relaxation included contests of various sorts (a greased pig for the boys and an un-cooperative chicken for the girls) with farm tours, hiking, football, volleyball and an East-West softball game rounding out the activities. 

Sunday was spent in the usual way, the young people attending the worship services in Hull and in Doon during the day, and a singspiration that was held in the community building in Hull. It was unanimously acclaimed that the host society prepared and carried out a very good convention, one based on the Scripture found in I Peter 5:8-11 from which the theme was taken. That’s what our young people were up to. 

See you in church.