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The Reformed Free Publication Association met in Annual Business Meeting Sept. 21 in Southeast Church. Election of three board members and the adoption of several constitution changes occupied most of the evening after Rev. H. Veldman delivered a short but pithy talk. The speaker reminded the members of their continued responsibility to contend for the faith through our Standard Bearer which has for forty years been the means of publicly proclaiming and defending the basic truths of Scripture. He warned his hearers that because our position in the church world is unique in that ours is a lone voice in the wilderness we are called to faithfulness in witnessing boldly to the faith once delivered unto the fathers. The three members added to the board are, George DeVries, Richard Teitsma and Henry Velthouse.

Thursday, Sept. 19, was the date scheduled by Loveland’s Extension Comm. to feature a public lecture by Rev. C. Hanko, of Redlands, Calif. The announced topic was, “Believing the Truth in these Last Days.” Loveland’s City Auditorium was the place chosen by the committee to seat the expected audience. Rev. Hanko had expressed’ his intention of presenting material “that would be beneficial to all, especially to those who have little or no acquaintance with the Reformed faith.” Loveland was also the site of an Office Bearer’s Conference in which Rev. Woudenberg, of Lynden, Wash. addressed the delegates to Classis West on the subject, “The Local Congregation: Its Mission”. After the address the delegates were invited to discuss the paper.

The congregation of First Church is eagerly awaiting the end-of-the-year installation of their new organ. They are advertising the sale of their old organ and will expect the buyer to remove same at the last moment (weeks) so that they will not have to suffer the inadequacy of piano accompaniment in such a large auditorium for more than two Sundays.

Emeritus Minister, Rev. Vos, writes in Hudsonville’s bulletin that his wife is also suffering from a painful phlebitis besides the burden of extreme nervousness and rheumatoid arthritis, but adds: “God is good, and we understand that all these afflictions work together for good to those who love God, and we do that, we do!”

Lynden’s consistory scheduled a “work-bee” on a recent Monday evening to complete several projects in their church, which included some outside painting. Lynden’s congregation was privileged to hear Rev. C. Hanko who was invited to conduct an afternoon service while there on Church Visitation. 

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