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Rev. G. Vanden Berg, of Oak Lawn, declined the call which came to him from Doon, Iowa.

Rev. R.C. Harbach, of Lynden, declined the call from Isabel and Forbes.

Rev. H. Hanko, of Hope, received a call from our Kalamazoo Church.

Loveland’s consistory has named a trio which includes the Revs. J.A. Heys, B. Woudenberg and G. Vanden Berg.

Lynden’s congregation was to be without their pastor for three weeks in September to allow him to fill classical appointments in Doon, Forbes, and Isabel, and to attend Classis meeting on the 19th at Edgerton.

Randolph’s consistory decided to promote a mission cause already started in Doon, Hull and Edgerton. Each week pamphlets will be mailed to 435 box-holders in Randolph. The pamphlets are written by our Western ministers and are brief and simple presentations of points of doctrine. By means of those pamphlets Randolph joins the other three churches in letting others know what we believe, intending also to correct false statements concerning our teaching. Those weekly mailings are to encourage others to “study the Holy Scriptures to see whether these things are so.” The latest edition is entitled, “Born Again” and was written by Rev. J. Kortering, of Hull.

Did you know that Rev. Lubbers is also an assistant radio “engineer”? Our missionary has a tape recorder on which he records sermons by our Western ministers which are to be aired on the Reformed Witness Hour. Formerly this could only be done while the speakers were in Grand Rapids on vacation or at Synod. This latest innovation makes for better cooperation to give depth to the meaning of the phrase heard on our broadcasts, “brought to you by the Protestant Reformed Churches of America.”

We have received the following contribution from the Federation Board of the Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies,’ over the signature of Miss Nancy Heemstra, Federation secretary: “At the last meeting of the Federation Board of the Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies, final approval was given to the recommendations of the Scholarship Committee concerning the Protestant Reformed Scholarship Fund. The financial structure of the fund as approved is as follows: 1. In order to assure continuity of the Scholarship Fund Program, a base principal sum of $5,000 is established. 2. When the goal of $5,000 is reached, scholarship payments shall be made from interest income and subsequent contributions, and that only in an amount not to exceed the total of interest income and subsequent payments. In other words, no money shall be taken from the original $5,000. 3. Until the goal of $5,000 is reached, scholarship payments may be made, but from interest income alone, at the direction of the committee, upon approval of the Federation Board. 4. The Federation Board is to seek to promote interest among our Protestant Reformed people for the Scholarship Fund and seek means of procuring funds in addition to the yearly assessments of the Young People’s Societies.”

Did you know that the summer months provide no vacation from Young People’s Society meetings in Doon, Edgerton and Hull?

News from the Mission Field as gleaned from their weekly bulletins: Rev. Lubbers is preaching a series of sermons on “The Sabbath of God.” The first, “The Sabbath of the Lord our God” was followed by, “The Mosaic Form of Sabbath Keeping,” “The New Testament Sabbath in Jesus,” and “The Sabbath in Christ’s Parousia.” The Missionary is also scheduled to give a lecture in Edgerton, Sept. 18, on, “Why We Should Oppose the Ecumenical Movement.” Rev. Lubbers had made a tape recording of Rev. H. Hoeksema’s Keynote Speech at the Young People’s convention at Hudsonville, Michigan, and invited his people to hear it.

Where in the world can you find a radio station that will broadcast free of charge? One answer is: Radio Hoyer. This station is one of the nine outlets airing our Reformed Witness Hour. Here are a few facts regarding Radio Hoyer: Location, Netherlands Antilles, a group of islands situated about 250 miles northeast of Venezuela, S.A. Pop., 157,000; radio audience—over 180,000. Languages—Spanish, Papiamento (a mixture of Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and English), English, Dutch and French. Under the direction of H.E. Hoyer three stations are maintained. Our program is heard over Hoyer No. 2, located in Willemstad, Curacao. This is a cultural station accepting only sponsored programs. Religious programs are accepted and aired free of costs. Besides our program a number of Protestant transmissions are aired; also “Evangelical Church” broadcasts. A continuous series of Roman Catholic transmissions are released—varying from Holy Masses to weekly sermons and talks by several priests. The majority of the population adheres to the Roman Catholic faith, which probably is the reason that very little response has been received from this area during the two years our program has been broadcast from Radio Hoyer.

Bulletin quote (Lynden’s): “The performance of good works does not justify a man, but a man who is justified performs good works.” Augustine.

. . . . see you in church.