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Several items of our January 1 news had to omitted at the printer’s shop because the undersigned was “five inches too long-winded.” We’d like to resurrect those for this issue—at the beginning this time. The items mentioned were concerning the church extension work of several of our churches. One of those was Southeast Church of Grand Rapids which has taken on the rather ambitious project of adding another station for our radio broadcast. This one is station WLVP, 102.3 on the FM dial, in Franklin, New Jersey. This station will broadcast our radio program at 8 A.M., Sundays, beginning January 4. Some 170 letters of information were sent out in advance to area residents who, according to “sources”, would likely be interested.

And the Church Extension committee of Oak Lawn has recently printed nine pamphlets. For distribution they have a mailing list of 200 names. One of their pamphlets is being used by our Loveland Church. From that church’s bulletin we read, “Pamphlets on ‘The Christian Witness over against the Labor Unions’ are available in the bulletin rack. These are written by Rev. C. Hanko, and have been published by the Church Extension Committee of our Oak Lawn Church. If you can distribute a copy; take an extra one.”

The Sunday School Mission Publishing Society of First Church in Grand Rapids is in the process of publishing nine new pamphlets. Some of these are presently being written, others are already at the printer. The subjects, in case you’re interested (and we hope you are), include union membership, movie and T.V., creation, infallibility of Scripture, Missions, situation ethics, the marks of the Church, church union, and a new one on “Why Protestant Reformed”.

Well, that doesn’t leave a whole lot of space for new news. But, then, there wasn’t much, anyway. We could pass along information concerning calls extended by our churches without pastors. Rev. D. Engelsma has received the call from Randolph, Rev. H. Veldman from Doon, and Rev. C. Hanko from Hull.

We learned the following concerning the Sunday School schedule at Southwest Church: “Since the majority of parents are in favor of following the suggestion of the teachers that we have Sunday School during the summer months, the Sunday School will postpone its meetings until May, and will meet, D.V., from May through September. We intend to try this out for a year, as we believe the children, especially those of school age, will benefit from it. The first meeting will be May 3.” We understand that Southeast Church has adopted this same plan, beginning this year also.

By the time this appears in print, Rev. Lubbers’ work in Jamaica should be finished. During his last several weeks in that country he was assisted by Mr. H. Meulenberg from First Church in Grand Rapids. Mr. Meulenberg was mandated by the Mission Committee to go to Jamaica for that purpose—to give assistance to Rev. Lubbers, and later on to Rev. Heys, particularly in the organizational aspect of their work.

The office bearers’ conference for present and past office bearers in the Grand Rapids area was held on January 6 at Southeast Church. Prof. H. Hanko spoke on the subject “May we accept government aid such as Medicare and Medicade.”