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A congregational meeting of our church in Doon, Iowa, was held on February 24 to choose a minister from the following trio: Rev. M. Schipper, Rev. G. VanBaren, and Rev. J. Kortering. At the time of this writing, the Express was still on its way to Grand Rapids with news concerning the results of that meeting. We try, in our own belated little way, to keep you informed.

A couple of our congregations request one or two of the young people to write the servicemen of their church each week. Our Southeast Church makes it a family affair. We read, “Will those families whose last names begin with V and W write to our servicemen this month?”

Also from Southeast’s bulletin (February 8)—”The pastor will be wearing a clerical robe today for the first time. We trust that you will agree with him that, in keeping with the dignity of his office as Minister of the Word, his appearance should formally be commensurate with that dignity.”

From the February “News Letter” of our Covenant High School we learn that our school has been the grateful recipient of some sizable gifts from supporters of Covenant. One of the school’s Board members received a gift from an unknown lady who presented it with the remark, “You are the only Board member who does not know me, and I want to remain anonymous.” We are reminded of the words of Christ, “But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth.”

Remember that radio broadcast in New Jersey, supported by Southeast Church? Here’s some information concerning it from that church’s bulletin: “The radio tower came down in a sleet storm recently which has impaired the coverage considerably. It will be several weeks before this is restored to normal. There are two churches in the East that we know of which are publicizing our radio program and encouraging their people to listen in and support it. Newspaper advertisements have been placed in three strategically located areas publicizing our program, and more will follow. So far, all of this advertising has been paid for by individuals who are interested in us.”

Rev. Heys, as you know, is busy on the island of Jamaica. In a recent letter to Rev. Lubbers, he writes, “We are kept busy with the work and house and have no time to think of home and to be lonely. . . . Thus far I have preached nine times and have a rather full schedule ahead; but I enjoy that, and look forward to preaching engagements and to the conference on Tuesday with the ministers.” He also wrote that he had, happily, received four letters that day. Was one of those yours?

We would like to thank Rev. R. Decker, of our South Holland Church, for the following information. It’s made to order for a column of this nature, so we’ll quote it practically verbatim. “Rev. Lubbers and his wife came (to South Holland) for an evening to visit their son and his wife. It just so happened that our Men’s and Ladies’ societies had their annual combined meeting. Instead of having the program we originally planned, (Rev. Decker) suggested that Rev. Lubbers speak on Jamaica and his recent mission work there. Rev. Lubbers gladly consented, even though he had not planned to speak. For a solid hour Rev. Lubbers spoke very movingly, and in his own unique way about the churches in Jamaica, the people, and the problems. It is impossible to describe in words the effects of that speech. The remark heard again and again was ‘I never realized so much was involved in the work there’ or ‘I received a picture of Jamaica which I had not seen before.’ The audience was impressed with the vastness of the field and its problems. Indeed, we went away knowing a bit more of what the Lord said when he told us: ‘The fields are ripe for harvest and the laborers are few.'” Again, thank you very much, Rev. Decker.

The Adult Bible Class of our Loveland Congregation has been studying the subject of tongue-speaking. In the section of that church’s bulletin called “Thoughts for Contemplation”, we find this quote from St. Augustine concerning that subject: “If then the witness of the presence of the Holy Ghost be not now given through these miracles (tongue-speaking), by what is it given, by what does one get to know that he has received the Holy Ghost? Let him question his own heart. If he love his brother, the Spirit of God dwelleth in him.”

And this one, yet, from Southeast’s “Quiet Thoughts:” “If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?”