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Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.


Denomination Activities 

Rev. Steve Key, pastor of the Hull, IA PRC, accompanied by his wife, Nancy, left early Monday, October 29, for speaking engagements in Singapore and Penang, Malaysia. After meetings in Singapore, the Keys traveled to Penang, Malaysia. Rev. Key spoke twice on November 3. At their request his first speech was on “The Life of John Newton,” and his second speech was on “John Newton and the Doctrine of Grace.” Rev. Key also preached twice in Penang on November 4. On November 6 the Keys traveled back to Singapore where Rev. Key spoke at the Covenant ERCS Reformation Day Conference. The theme of this conference was, “The Relevance of the 16th Century Reformation for Today’s Christian.” From that main theme Rev. Key spoke twice on the Reformation as, “Restoring the Foundation for Healthy Church Life,” and “Restoring the Foundation for Christian Piety.” Rev. Key was also scheduled to speak for a youth retreat on Saturday, November 10, on the topic, “How Can the Second Generation Carry the Torch of the Reformation.” On Sunday, November 11, Rev. Key preached twice for the Covenant ERCS congregation. Rev. and Nancy returned home late Tuesday, November 13.

Evangelism Activities

Members of the Covenant PRC in Ballymena, Northern Ireland were busy in October and November sponsoring three Reformation lectures around their area. Their pastor, Rev. Angus Stewart, spoke October 26 at Portadown Minor Town Hall, November 2 at the Ballymena Protestant Hall, and November 9 in Limerick City. On all three evenings Rev. Stewart spoke on the theme, “Lessons from the Reformation for Today.”

The Evangelism Committee of First PRC in Holland, MI sponsored their annual Reformation Day lecture on November 2. Prof. H. Hanko spoke on “The Reformation’s Emphasis on Piety.”

The Lynden, WA PRC also sponsored a Reformation Day Lecture on November 2. Their pastor, Rev. Ron Hanko, looked at questions related to the Reformation, and his speech, entitled “Church Reformation: Past and Present,” answered the questions: 1) What is church reformation? 2) Is it needed today? and 3) What can we learn from the past?

The Evangelism Committee of the Kalamazoo, MI PRC invited their neighbors to a lively lecture entitled, “Soul-Food: You feed your body. You feed your mind. Who’s feeding your soul?” This event was held in the Music Room at Kalamazoo Christian High School on November 16. The lecture was given by Kalamazoo’s pastor, Rev. Audred Spriensma, with a question and answer period afterwards.

Congregation Activities

The ladies of the Edgerton, MN PRC hosted the annual Fall Combined Ladies League Meeting on October 23. Prof. Robert Decker spoke on “Ministering to Ministers.”

The consistory of the Randolph, WI PRC called all interested members of their congregation to a meeting on November 12 for the purpose of giving information and answering questions about a proposed building addition. Randolph’s consistory is proposing that they build a new sanctuary to the north of their existing sanctuary; and that they turn their current narthex and sanctuary into a much larger narthex. Plans also call for additional upstairs bathrooms and an upstairs nursery. The proposal, if approved, would also mean a complete renovation of the exterior of the current building to integrate it with the exterior of the proposed addition, and that Randolph expand their parking lot. This proposed addition would double Randolph’s seating capacity. The proposed addition and parking lot expansion would mean that Randolph’s current property is fully developed. Because this was only an informational meeting, no vote on the project was taken, and no debate or discussion of the merits of the proposal was permitted. Opportunity for all of that would come at the scheduled congregational meeting on December 10.

Members of the First PRC congregation in Grand Rapids, MI enjoyed a Request Night Program Sunday evening, November 4. The program included a variety of numbers by people of all ages and some audience singing.

The Loveland, CO PRC participated in a Talent Night Program Friday evening, November 9. Any members with talent they were willing to share were encouraged to sign up. Others, who did not have a talent they wanted to exhibit, were encouraged to bring a pie. Personally, the “News” would add that anyone who can bake a pie has talent.

Mission Activities

Rev. Allen Brummel was installed as Home Missionary in Sioux Falls, SD on November 8 in the Edgerton, MN PRC, with Rev. Dennis Lee preaching on 
Zechariah 4:6-10, and Rev. Ronald VanOverloop officiating for the installation. The following Lord’s Day, November 11, Rev. Brummel preached his inaugural sermon in Edgerton in the morning and then in Sioux Falls in the evening. Rev. Brummel chose to bring God’s Word from John 3:29, 30 on the theme, “Decreasing for Christ’s Sake: the Confession, the Motivation, and the Evidence.” Rev. Arie denHartog, along with several elders and deacons from the Southwest PRC in Grandville, MI, visited the Pittsburgh Mission from November 1-5. During this visit family visitations were conducted. The delegates also planned to have meetings with Home Missionary Rev. Wilbur Bruinsma and the Steering Committee.

Rev. denHartog preached one of the services on November 4. While there, the visitors from Southwest were able also to attend Pittsburgh’s annual Reformation Lecture. On November 2 Rev. Bruinsma spoke on “Righteous in Christ.”

Young People’s Activities

The young people of the Michigan churches met together at the Grandville, MI PRC on Sunday, November 11 for their Thanksgiving Mass Meeting. Rev. Carl Haak spoke to the young people on “Remembering the Persecuted Church,” from 
Hebrews 13:3. Rev. Haak reminded the young people of how richly God has blessed us with freedom here and how different it is for so many other Christians over the world.