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The Reformed Witness Hour again features Rev. J.A. Heys, of South Holland, IL, who continues his series of Radio Addresses on “The Lord’s Prayer.” The topics this month are: July 4—”A Sanctified Will”; July 11—”Bread for Today”; July 18—”Paid in Full”; July 25—”Till Seventy Times Seven.” Copies of these messages of instruction in the holy art of prayer may be obtained by writing to the Reformed Witness Hour, P.O. Box 1230, Grand Rapids, MI.

The 1965 Synod of our churches has adjourned, having finished its work, which included the examination of Seminarian Robert Decker and declaring him eligible for a call in one of our churches. Even this will not alleviate our acute minister shortage: for Synod also decided to call another Seminary Professor. Rev. H. Hanko received that call, with Rev. G. VanBaren as alternate. Young men, we need aspirants to the ministry! Do you not aspire to the highest of all callings?

Rev. H. Veldman conducted the Pre-Synodical Prayer Service to an audience which was a little larger than heretofore, but still did not strain the seating capacity of First Church’s auditorium,—not by half. Maybe next time!

Commencement Exercises of our Seminary were held in First Church on Tuesday evening, June 8, with the lone graduate, Robert Decker, receiving his diploma,—a diploma which represented many long hours of intense study, and, by the same token, a passport into many more years of the same; for the Word of God is of unfathomable depth and riches; the bottom of which no minister can reach in his lifetime. Truly, it is but acommencement! Candidate Robert Decker, “we, the people” congratulate you! This happy occasion brought out a sizeable audience, relatives and friends of the graduate, and many others who are vitally interested in the future of our churches. Musical numbers included singing by the Hope Heralds, and a solo by Mr. Arnold Dykstra.

Hope’s congregation dedicated their new church edifice Wednesday evening, June 9. Many visitors from the area churches helped fill the spacious auditorium for this joyous occasion. The speakers were: Rev. D. Engelsma, a son of the church; Rev. H. Hanko, their previous past minister; and Rev. J.A. Heys, Rev. Hanko’s predecessor. Musical numbers included solos by John Dykstra and by little Lorraine Bomers; choral numbers by the Hope Heralds and by their choral society. The theme of the entire program was the conscious dedication of a building to the service of God. Rev. H. Veldman led in opening devotions; and Mr. Richard Newhouse, a charter member of the church, led in closing prayer.

Holland’s special congregational meeting, held May 17, concerning the landscaping of their church property, resulted in a general call in the next bulletin to the men to bring “shovels, wheel-barrows, rakes and picks” to assist with the work in the evenings of that week. Evidently an affirmative vote carried with it a volunteering of time to carry out the decision.

Oak Lawn’s congregation was invited by the Young People’s Society to a Memorial Day Outing at Tinley Creek Forest Preserve. This outing was to be the old style picnic where each family brings its own lunch, and a softball game lasts till dusk.

Tornado scares are becoming so commonplace in Michigan that many churches have decided to depend on the official weather reports to determine whether church services will be held. Hudsonville has been added to that list, and has decided to cancel services when a tornado forecast is in effect.

Memorial Day was also the date of Redlands’ Sunday School Picnic. It was scheduled to be held in Pinetum Park, with reserved tables for two meals, noon and evening. Contests and games were the order of the day, with free ice cream for all. The entire congregation came out for this day of Christian fellowship.

Members of Hope’s Mr. and Mrs. Society donated their time on a Saturday towards the purchase of a new piano for their new church. This was done by sponsoring a car wash at the Standale shopping center. “Time is money,” goes the old saying; but “Time is money—is a new piano” was the Mr. and Mrs. Society’s saying.

Sunday, June 6, Southeast’s pastor had the pleasure of sitting in the pew with his family while the pulpit was supplied by two of the Synodical delegates, Rev. J. Kortering, of Hull, and Rev. H. Hanko, of Doon. Rev. Schipper called it an “unique” pleasure, and well may it have been, seeing we do not have enough ministers to go around.

Southeast’s bulletin has a new look. The front carries a picture of the church plus addresses of pastor and clerk, while the back has all the pertinent information regarding the activities of the congregation.

And, finally, other commencement speakers: Rev. M. Schipper at Adams School; Rev. H. Veldman at Hope; and Rev. D. Engelsma at Loveland. 

. . . . . .see you in church.