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If you live in the Grand, Rapids area, you won’t want to miss the next lecture. It’s next week Tuesday, April 9, at 8 P.M. in First Church. Rev. G. VanBaren plans to speak on “The Return of the Glorified Lord.”

Rev. C. Hanko spent a few days in Grand Rapids recently. He was scheduled, by classical appointment, to preach in Randolph on March 8. Through the cooperation of a couple of other ministers, however, the schedule was revised a little, with Rev. Decker ending up in Randolph, Rev. VanBaren in South Holland, and Rev. Hanko with his former congregation in First Church of Grand Rapids. By his own testimony, he counted it a happy privilege; and, needless to say, the pleasure was by no means one-sided.

After Rev. C. Hanko and Rev. H. Veldman declined the calls they had received from Hull and Doon, respectively, both of those congregations formed new trios. And both extended the call to Rev. G. VanBaren. Rev. Kortering has declined the call from our church in Randolph Wisconsin.

The monthly discussion group at First Church in Grand Rapids was postponed, in favor of an important program held in that church’s auditorium on March 8. No less than four choral groups convened to render a combined choir program, sponsored by the Young People’s Federation. One of these groups was the choir of our Covenant Christian High School, under the direction of Mr. Roland Petersen. The other three groups (Hope Heralds, Hope Choral, and Hudsonville Choral), all under the direction of Mr. Gerald Kuiper, performed separately and together in one mass choir for a large and appreciative audience.

Plans are being made for the Young People’s Spring Retreat. This one is scheduled for April 10 and 11 at Camp Roger. We understand that the combination of recreation and discussion groups makes for an enjoyable two days of Christian fellowship.

Our Kalamazoo Church has a mid-week Bible Class, presently studying “The Revelation:” Their bulletin gives a little preview of the topic to be discussed. A short introduction is given, along with pertinent questions for discussion, such as: “How do the USA, Israel, and other nations fit into this picture?” It seems to us that that ought to provide a pretty strong incentive to make that meeting.

We have a little news from Rev. Heys. He writes that in February he “preached 17 times, held 5 sessions of doctrinal instruction, and traveled over 1,500 miles on an island 150 by 50 miles. There is much work to do and so little time—and traveling consumes so much of that little time.” Busy as he is, it’s no wonder that he adds that his first month of labor there “has flown by very swiftly.” The Meulenbergs were expected on March 4, for a 21-day stay in Jamaica.

“You’re invited out to breakfast!” So read bulletins in Grand Rapids. The Adams School Mother’s Club sponsored a delicious breakfast in First Church parlors on March 18. An added attraction was a speech (“Loving-kindness and our Children”) by Mrs. Hoeksema, teacher of First Grade at Adams School.

And, speaking of-schools, we could quote from the Winter Newsletter of our Northwest Iowa Protestant Reformed Christian School. Mr. John Kalsbeek, successor of Mr. Fred Hanko as principal, writes “Yes, we have a school that may at times be burdensome, but let us never forget that it is a gift from God Almighty. He has divinely entrusted it to our care. It demands our constant support and attention. Fearing God we must actively support the school, both morally and financially because we know God has given it to us for the well-being of His covenant seed. This fear is the beginning of wisdom for us as parents and teachers, but also for our children.”

Two quotes, yet, from bulletins of our Kalamazoo Church:

“The only way to enlarge our sphere is to fill to overflowing the sphere we are in.”

And this one, especially appropriate at this time of year—

“Jehovah lifted up His rod—

O Christ, it fell on thee!

Thou wast sore stricken of thy God;

There’s not one stroke for me.”