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The Christmastime Beacon Lights Hymn sing was held in First Church Sunday evening, Dec. 17. Mr. Case Lubbers led the big, crowd in some very spirited singing. The auditorium is undergoing redecorating and the balconies are empty of all their seats, giving a splendid acoustical reverberation which makes singing so very much easier. Jerry Vander Kolk, of Holland, was the advertised trumpeter who performed an intricate variation of the well known, “O, come all ye faithful”; and although one would hardly recommend the removal of the seats from the balconies to thoroughly enjoy the ringing tones of a trumpet, this fringe benefit was enjoyed by the audience. A male quartette (not young people) from Southwest Church and tenor soloist Gerald Kuiper (a teacher at Adams School) added their voices to the praise of the Prince of Peace who became flesh. To reconcile the world unto Himself. Mrs. Lotterman accompanied the quartette on the piano, Mrs. Kuiper accompanied her husband on the organ, and the so recently recuperated Kregel sisters provided the piano-organ accompaniment for the hymn sing. Ben Wigger, of the Beacon Lights staff, opened the meeting with prayer and Rev. VanBaren led in closing prayer at the end of a very enjoyable hymn sing.

Do you know that Lynden’s FM. Station, KLYN carries our Reformed Witness Hour weekly broadcast at 4 P.M. Sunday afternoons?

The thanksgiving offering received at the Dec. 3 Communion Service, in Lynden’s church was for the needy Prot. Ref. Churches in Jamaica.

From Hope’s School “Highlights,” we glean the astounding information that their recently held, Bazaar netted the Mothers Club $1,687.30!

In the above mentioned “Highlights” there was found a Memoriam for Steven Rau who was taken from this life at the tender age of fifteen through the means of a car-bicycle collision. Steven had graduated from Hope School last June. The Memoriam simply quoted question and answer 26, of the Heidelberg Catechism and the first verse of Psalm 27. On the same page was a poem by the late James Jonker who lost his life in a car-truck collision while yet in his youth. The poem, entitled “God Gathers”, was printed in its entirety of three four-line stanzas ending in a couplet which summated the whole, thus:

From time’s beginning to its end, God makes 

His Church, defends, preserves, to glory takes.

Hudsonville’s congregation rejoiced to witness the public confession of faith of four of their young people Sunday, Dec, 17. And we may believe that the angels in Heaven also rejoice when they see God’s Plan of Salvation blossom and bear fruit of this kind.

Did the annual: “Christmas Rush” crush your Christmas Day for you that it was hardly enjoyed as a Christian holy day? On the evening of a record-breaking warm (60 degree) winter day, Dec. 21, the Adams St. School children gave their Christmas Program in the auditorium of First Church. This program centered all its attention on Christ the King; from the welcoming and the farewell speeches of two of the kindergarteners the theme of the Kingship of Christ was developed: from the types Adam, David, and Solomon to His Second Coming as King of heaven and earth. The school band, under the direction of Mr. R. Van Sprange rendered three numbers, one in which they accompanied the audience. The Junior Choir, under the direction of Mrs. H.C. Hoeksema, gave four numbers in two voices with a clear soaring obbligato heard in one of the songs. The Senior Choir rendered three songs in three voices, and in one number were joined by the audience. The kindergarten, first, second, and third grades appeared on the platform as individual classes, each giving a good account of themselves; the balance of the program was taken up by the choirs. The-program was entirely memorized, and their thorough training was probably most strikingly revealed in the work of the speaking choirs. 

Mr. F. Block, the Principal, led in opening devotions and Rev. VanBaren led in closing prayer. What a privilege to attend a program of this caliber wherein children in ages from 5 to 14 all join in the praise of the God of our salvation. Not a mention of jolly elves, sleigh bells, toys or gifts to mar the contemplation of The Gift of God’s Son to us, His People!

A suggestion to the members of the churches which never seem to “make the news”: ask your pastor or clerk if your bulletins are being sent to us. And a suggested New Year’s Resolution for all of you: 1968, a year in which to remember to send in reports of all our “happenings” so that all of our people may share them with us.

Even while we have just recently entered into a new year we may well heed the admonition found in I Pet. 4:7, “But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.” 

. . . . .see you in church.