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On September 2, 1965, Christ, the King of His Church, translated His faithful warrior-servant, Rev. H. Hoeksema, from the Church Militant to the Church Triumphant. Even to outsiders Rev. Hoeksema was famous as a voluminous writer, a strident lecturer and an eloquent pulpiteer; but to our denomination, and especially to his congregation he will always be remembered as a kind and loving pastor, a prodigious worker, an able teacher, and a faithful minister of the Word of God—a “Man of God.” Though his life was stormy, God graciously gave him a peaceful and serene end: he died in his sleep. Funeral services were held in First Church attended by hundreds of his beloved people; Revs. M. Schipper and G. Vos officiating. The long funeral cortege was hampered by a rain storm—a final storm in our old “Dominee’s” career—but to which he was oblivious for he had put off his “earthly house of this tabernacle” and was already safe in the shelter of the everlasting arms of Christ his Redeemer. Indeed the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the Name of the Lord!

Candidate Robert Decker has declined the call from Lynden, Wash., and has accepted the call from Doon, Iowa. He will be examined, D.V. at the September Classis meeting, and will be ordained the week of Sept. 26, D.V.

Rev. J.A. Heys, of South Holland, Ill., declined the call to be Home Missionary of our denomination.

The 1965 Young People’s Convention, held at South Holland, Ill., was again a huge success. A good choice of delegates, a good turnout of visitors, a good banquet and good speakers all contributed to that success. Prof. H.C. Hoeksema was the keynote speaker; his topic “Covenant Youth, Glorious Heritage.” He was followed the next afternoon by Rev. M. Schipper who spoke on, “Preservation of our Heritage by our Covenant Youth”. Rev. G. VanBaren was the banquet speaker and spoke on, “Calling of the Covenant Youth to Preserve that Heritage.” The evening program provided an innovation in the form of a Speaking Choir from Hope Church in Grand Rapids. They rendered two numbers, “Te Deum Laudamus,” a 6th century Latin Creed, and, “The Destruction of Sennacherib” by Byron. The new choir was well received and will probably be heard from again. An anti-climax to the convention was furnished by the visitation of a fierce storm of heavy rains and tornadic winds resulting in uprooted trees and the consequent power failure. The ’65 Convention will long be remembered by that noisy and fearful anti-climax!

The Adams St. School Mothers’ Club August meeting was, due to Rev. Hoeksema’s death, re-scheduled for Sept. 8. Mrs. H.C. Hoeksema, the school’s Principal, was the speaker; the announced title was, “What Are You Doing?”

Oak Lawn’s Ladies Circle organized a “Home Talent” program to be rendered Aug. 31. You were born somewhere at the turn of the century if you can remember when this sort of program was the only kind of entertainment church people enjoyed. Home talent in those days did not have to compare with “Hollywood Talent” that issued forth from the boob-tube in the corner of the living room. But then, the content cannot be compared either.

The children of Hull’s Sunday School recently gave their offering money to Hope Haven School, a Christian school for exceptional children, located at Rock Valley, Iowa.

The Prot. Ref. High School Ladies’ Circle is sponsoring a public lecture on Sept. 23 at Hope Church in Grand Rapids. The speaker—Prof. H. Hanko; the topic, “Prot. Ref. Education, a Unique Enterprise.” This lecture ought to fill Hope’s new church—see you there?

Societies are showing signs of life after a summer’s hibernation. The Mr. and Mrs. Societies of Southeast and of Hudsonville are both planning outings, and Holland’s Men’s Society’s Program Committee is asking, via the bulletin, for topics and questions to be discussed on their after recess programs. This might be an opportune time to remind one another “not to neglect the gathering of the saints” in our society gatherings. Don’t let it be said of you like it was predicted of David, “. . . thou shalt be missed for thy seat shall be empty . . . .” 

I Sam. 20:18.

The Michigan pre-convention Hymn sing brought up a capacity crowd in Hope’s new church. Delegates and visitors were instructed in the ways and means of reaching the convention site, and the duties of each. Special music was furnished by Mr. Gerald Kuiper, tenor soloist. Mr. Charles Westra, of Southeast Church was the song director.

Bulletin Quote: “There is as much difference between the sufferings of the saints and those of the ungodly as there is between the cords with which the executioner pinions a malefactor and the bandages wherewith a tender surgeon binds his patient. The design of the one is to kill: of the other to cure. Believers undergo many crosses, but no curses.” 


. . . . . see you in church.