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Mr. Wigger is a member of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hudsonville, Michigan.

Congregation Activities

Our denomination of churches grew by one congregation in October. Calvary PRC, the daughter church of the Hull, IA PRC, was organized on Thursday evening, October 11, thereby becoming our denomination’s twenty-eighth congregation. Rev. S. Key, pastor of Hull, and the moderator for Calvary, addressed the saints gathered together at Hull on the theme “God’s Holy Temple,” from
Ephesians 2:19-22. Calvary has three elders and two deacons; 43 families and 7 individuals, for a total of 180 souls. With thanksgiving to God we rejoice that the labors of many months came to fruition in that worship service. We are certain that we echo the prayers of the readers of the “News” when we add that it is our prayer that Calvary be a clear light of God’s grace and salvation in the darkness of this sinful world. May they be a blessing to our churches as they live as a manifestation of the glorious body of Christ.

The core group of the daughter congregation of Faith PRC in Jenison, MI met on September 5. A decision was reached that they intend to pursue a location in the southern Jenison area for a possible future church.

Members of First PRC in Grand Rapids, MI were invited to their church’s annual Fall Fellowship Dinner on September 26. After the meal, Rev. J. Slopsema, pastor at First, gave a ten-minute talk to encourage the congregation in their Bible and catechism studies for the year.

Congregations in the West Michigan area were asked to reserve Friday evening, September 28, for the yearly Special Needs Program at Faith PRC in Jenison. On that evening, over fifteen special needs children and young adults throughout our churches presented a program in song and word, proclaiming their love for Jesus Christ. They sang in groups, performed individual numbers and along with the Faith Young People’s Society, and provided a truly spiritual and God-glorifying hour for us all to share together.

Friday and Saturday, September 21 and 22, the men of the First PRC in Holland, MI, along with their sons and daughters, enjoyed their annual Fall Camp out at P.J. Hoffmaster State Park.

Evangelism Activities

The Evangelism Committee of Faith PRC in Jenison, MI welcomed guests from their neighborhood and surrounding churches to a very timely “Seminar on Depression” Friday evening, October 11, and Saturday morning, October 12, at Faith. Friday evening Dr. Brian Decker spoke on the questions, “What is depression, and what can the doctor do?” This was followed the next morning by Prof. R. Decker speaking on the question, “I am depressed: what can I do?” Then at 10:30 Rev. J. Slopsema spoke on the subject, “I know someone who is depressed: what can I do?” The seminar came to a close with a time for the three speakers to answer various questions concerning the whole subject of depression. We were reminded that man’s depravity is fully revealed all around us, and our weakness and in- ability to serve Him faithfully outside of His grace should certainly humble us. Thanks to Faith Church for helping to inform us about the Christian’s response to a topic that is ever present in today’s society.

The Evangelism Committee of Bethel PRC in Roselle, IL recently invited their congregation to a Discipleship training class. This class, led by Bethel’s pastor, Rev. J. Mahtani, was intended to better equip Bethel’s members with the necessary tools to aid in their witness to others. Rev. Mahtani planned on making this a “hands-on” course, by bringing members with him every fifth week when they will hand out flyers, visit the elderly in nursing homes, hold discussions with newcomers, etc.

Mission Activities

On Saturday, October 6, Rev. W. Bruinsma, our churches’ missionary to Pittsburgh, PA, attended the first meeting of the Heidelberg Reformation Association in Bedford, PA. The HRA is an organization attempting to renew interest in Heidelberg Catechism preaching in those churches that traditionally used the Catechism. The Council of Southwest PRC, the calling church for Rev. Bruinsma, and our churches’ Domestic Mission Committee gave Rev. Bruinsma permission to be part of this association. Rev. Bruinsma was the keynote speaker at this meeting.

The Heritage PR Fellowship in Sioux Falls, SD, hosted an evangelism conference entitled “Ready to Bear Witness of Christ,” on Saturday, September 22, at the Oaks Travelodge Hotel and Convention Center in Sioux Falls. Speakers for this one-day event were the Revs. J. Kortering, R. VanOverloop, S. Key, and D. Overway.

Mr. Jim Regnerus, an elder from the Doon, IA PRC, and Rev. A. Spriensma, former missionary in the Philippines, planned to serve on the annual delegation from Doon PRC and the Foreign Mission Committee to visit the Berean PRC in metro Manila and to observe the other parts of the mission work there. The delegation planned, the Lord willing, to visit from October 17-31.

Sister-Church Activities

Did you listen to Rev. A. Stewart, pastor of our sister church in Northern Ireland, the Covenant PRC in Ballymena, debate with Pastor David Antwi of Kharis Ministries on the topic, “The Charismatic Gifts and Cessationism,” on Revelation TV in London, September 27? It dealt a lot with faith healing and the biblical truth of God’s sovereignty over evil. The debate can be seen in the archives of

Denomination Activities

The annual meeting of the RFPA was held September 27 at the Byron Center, MI PRC. Mr. Mark Hoeksema gave a speech entitled, “Redeemed with Judgment: A Reformed Perspective of Isaiah,” which helped to introduce a new RFPA book of sermons on Isaiah by the late Prof. H. C. Hoeksema, Mark’s father. Mark is the editor of this book.

Minister Activities

Rev. David and Rebecca Overway, of the Doon, IA PRC, were blessed October 11 with the birth of a baby boy, Benjamin Elliot. We give thanks to God, with the Ove
rways, for His covenant promise to us and our children.