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Our church at South Holland, 111, has named a new trio which includes the Revs. M. Schipper, H. Veldman and B. Woudenberg, from which Rev. H. Veldman was chosen. Hull’s congregation received a letter from Rev. C. Hanko in which he declined their call to come over and help them.

The Annual Reformation Day Rally was held in First Church of Grand Rapids featuring a lecture by Prof. H.C. Hoeksema on, “The Heart-beat of the Reformation.” Rev. G. Lubbers, chairman of the evening, led in opening devotions. Mrs. C. Lubbers, the organist of our Radio Choir, gave three numbers on the new Wicks Organ, ably demonstrating the versatility of the instrument, and accompanied the singing of the audience. An offering was received to defray the expenses incurred in this project. The speaker’s theme carried the figure of a man whose heartbeat was felt throughout his whole body, and served to give life and energy to all his vital organs and to the farthest extremities of his body. This figure was carried out by the speaker as he likened this throbbing, pulsating beat to the truth of Sovereign Election which is the heart-beat of the whole body of truth, giving life and energy to each vital part thereof. Further, that Divine, Sovereign Predestination is the heart-beat that must be felt in all the doctrines of the church; that if it is absent, there will be clear evidence of heart trouble and its accompanying diseases of Universal Atonement, Universal Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man, Common Grace, the Well-meant offer of Salvation, Arminianism, and Post- and Pre- Millennialism. The lecture was climaxed with the clarion call to return to the Reformation Truth on a personal basis for every child of the Reformation, with the attending comforting conviction that when sensing the heart-beat of the Reformation we sense the heart of God. The presence of a very fine representation of young people-from grade school to college-was a healthy sign that the heritage of the Reformation has been handed down to children’s children, delighting the older generation which anxiously feels the pulse of their children to be assured of their spiritual well-being. The program was brought to a fitting close with the singing of the Doxology, and by prayer led by Rev. R.C. Harbach of Kalamazoo.

Other Reformation Day commemorations listed in the bulletins included an after-recess presentation by two members of Hull’s Ladies Society; a Program in their church Sunday evening, Oct. 27, with Rev. J.A. Heys as speaker; and a speech by Rev. Engelsma in a visit to their school in Loveland.

Rev. Heys was scheduled to give his illustrated lecture on Jamaica in the Community Hall in Rock Rapids, Iowa on Oct. 30, and in Loveland, Colo. Oct. 31. 

The Fall Mass Meeting of the Men’s Society League was held in First Church with Rev. M. Schipper giving a paper on “The Racial Unrest of our Times,” in which he found a manifestation of the Beast of Revelations 13 in its attempt to heal the deadly wound it suffered at Babel. The speaker warned the men to be alert to the signs of the times and to evaluate them in the light of the Scriptures, that they may be ready for the Day of Anti-Christ when the deadly wound shall be healed for a season, introducing a period of extreme persecution for the Church.

While on a preaching engagement in Pella, Iowa for four weeks, Rev. H. Veldman gave a series of Thursday evening lectures in three successive weeks. The topics were, “The Merger of Churches a Sign of the Times”; “The Signs of the Times in Our Daily Lives”; and, “Our Specific Antithetical Calling.”

Because of the success of the Spring Retreat, the young people of Michigan are planning a Fall Retreat which will feature the theme “Thanksgiving.” The date of this event has been set for Nov. 8 and 9.

Lynden’s Annual Congregational Meeting will be held Oct. 28, an early date so that plans for new church furnishings may be considered, beside the usual adoption of the next year’s budget and election, of office bearers.

The Redlands Young People are already busily engaged in making plans for the ’69 Convention. They have scheduled a program featuring the Redlands Quartette and the showing of slides depicting the Island of Jamaica to create a Fund for the convention. They realize that many more such projects will have to be sponsored in the coming months. In a note from California Rev. Hanko laments that it is difficult for the church to survive in the atmosphere that pervades in that State of all kinds of isms and heresies—the latest being the prediction, received in a vision by some crack-pot, of an earthquake that will destroy the whole State. Indeed, the “they shall see visions and dream dreams” is not limited to the children of the church; the children of this world are being used in that capacity by the Father of lies, to try to deceive the children of light.

We call your attention to an announcement elsewhere in this issue suggesting the idea of a worthwhile Christmas present to your serviceman. Rev. Woudenberg will furnish the taped sermons if you will only furnish the tape recorder. How about it? Though it may be too late for a Christmas gift, it is never too late for a love-gift. 

. . . see you in church